8K Player for Mac

8K Player for Mac blu-ray power

Offers an efficient way to enjoy Blu-ray, DVD, H.265, 4K/5K/8K, 1080P HD, etc. losslessly on Mac (OS Mojave/High Sierra) with immersive video and audio effect.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or above

Additional Features

There's so much more! Check out what makes 8K Player for Mac look so awesome.

No buffering

Loading with No buffering

Loading your video or audio files from Mac or devices happens almost instantly, and there is no delay and such.

Smooth playback

Playing without stutter or lags

Playing Blu-ray, DVD, movies, TV shows on Mac smoothly as long as the amount of RAM and GPU on your system matches the requirements.

Playback control

User-orented playback control

Allow users to control playback with various operations: full-screen playback, volume control, fast-forward, fast-backward, etc.

Freely adjust

Freely adjust aspect ratio for watching

Customizes screen to half size, normal size, double size and fit to screen to watch Blu-ray video as you like.


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Dave Hunter

Dave Hunter

Well tested

All the functions and features of this media converter are well tested that make it a perfect solution for all my media related problems.

Yadigar Tagiyev

Yadigar Tagiyev


It is so amazing that it keeps updating to be compatible with the Latest Mac OS and the latest version of iTunes. The program keeps paces with the times. And I do not have to pay for any updates. I love it so much.

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