54th New York Film Festival Movies Playback Guide

The 54th New York Film Festival is set to run Sept. 30-Oct. 16. Selections for its Special Events, Spotlight on Documentary, Retrospective, Convergence and Projections sections, as well as filmmaker conversations and panels, will be announced in the coming weeks. Unlike TV followers who are available to watch New York Film Festival 2016 live on time, some people probably miss TV broadcast for work, important meeting etc. or on a trip. Then isn't is cool to watch downloded NYFF 2016 Opening/Closing Ceremony, Nominated/Awarded Movies on computer or devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) offiline whenever wherever without any interruptions? Let's see how to achieve this task.

54th New York Film Festival Movies Playback

It is useful to apply downloaded New York Film Festival 2016 movies onto mobiles. However, we often face the following troubles:

1. Videos always occupy massive memory. If we keep a lot of videos on mobile phones, especially 4K videos on storage-limited iPhone iPad, our device will have little space to store other media files and the device may work slower than before.
2. It takes long time to sync video with iTunes or Android Transfer ifsource downloaded file is large.

Therefore, it would be greatly perfect if we can mirror your downloaded videos onto mobile devices without syncing/transffering. Now go ahead and use the top free NYFF 2016 media server- Dimo Video Converter Ultimate to upload downloaded New York Film Festival 2016 movies and TV shows to devices wirelessly. 

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First Step: Make downloaded NYFF movies compatible to your Device

It can be any format for your downloaded NYFF movies and TV shows, but what if your phone/tablet does not support it? A good thing is that it's not the end of the world because you can always use the video player apps to get them running or make use of the above-mentioned Dimo Video Converter Ultimate as the video converting software to get NYFF downloads playable.

Guide to Convert downloaded NYFF movies to Compatible Formats using Dimo

NYFF 2016 video converter

1. Upload the downloaded NYFF movie File

After the downloading and installation is finished, click the program and upload the 2016 NYFF file one by one to convert. Here you can directly drag and drop your NYFF video to the program with ease. Alternatively, please click "Add file" button.

2. Select Output Device

As soon as the NYFF video has been uploaded you can then click on profile and a drop down list will appear. Choose "iPhone" or "iPad" as the output device or select common used MP4/MKV format.

3. Begin Converting

Finally, please hit the "Start" button to start converting NYFF to the supported formats of your iPhone/iPad/Android/TV. This process will be completed within seconds.

Second Step: Free Share downloaded NYFF movies to your Device wirelessly

NYFF 2016 media server

1: Firstly, free download NYFF 2016 media server and run it on your PC or Mac hosting computer which contains the video you want to share.

2:Turn to "Media Server" tab and click "Browse..." to select directories that contains your videos you want to share with HTTP server. 

3: Click "Share" and scan the displayed QR code with your device, then the server can be accessed by web browser. Then you will be displayed with a URL to visit your server by web browser.  

4: Double click the video from playlist on the web browser, so that you can access the video file from client computer and take advantage of the buit-in player to play the streaming video on your device easily. 

Using this HTTP server service will save you a lot of headache and you can build your home video library via video sharing. Moreover, this free Dimo media server also could help you share your favorite video and music audio to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android anywhere and anytime, just don't worry about the additional, interminable and dreary connection process anymore! Better still, you can create ISO files from your downloaded NYFF 2016 movies and TV shows. For mac users, here is the mac version.

Extended Knowledge

When is New York Film Festival 2016?

The festival runs from Friday, September 30, 2016 to Sunday, October 16, 2016.

Where is New York Film Festival 2016?

The festival's main venue is Lincoln Center's swanky Alice Tully Hall, located at 1941 Broadway (between 65th and 66th Sts). All Main Slate titles have an initial screening there, with subsequent screenings at various Lincoln Center venues, including the Walter Reade Theater (165 W. 65th St) and the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center (144 W. 65th St).

How do I get tickets?

Buy tickets at the official festival website.

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