Top Must-see VR movies and 3D Blu-ray List for VR headsets

VR headset is the hot, new personnel electronic consumption device, how to embraced VR with outstanding content is popping up around the world. As one of the VR content predecessors, movie studios can't miss this VR boat but have been turning to VR to give viewers a new way to experience their content through special virtual reality trailers and bonus content. Twentieth Century Fox, Lionsgate, Disney, Marvel and Warner Brothers have all done work in the space, releasing VR videos as long as 20 minutes, in some cases. So, benefits from VR studios, what kinds of 3D/Blu-ray and VR 360degree movies can watch on your VR headsets freely? Well, here we have been handy to pick up the must-see VR movies list including the hottest 3D (Blu-ray) movies that are suitable to play on VR devices and for your reference.

top 3D VR movies

➤ Part 1: Top 5 must-see VR movies for VR headsets playback

➤ Part 2: Top 6 must-see 3D Blu-ray collections with capability to play on VR headsets

➤ Part 3: How to watch 3D (Bluray) movies on VR headsets?

➤ Part 4: Tips to healthly adjust to VR headset before jumping into 3D movies VR world

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Part 1: Top 5 must-see VR movies list for VR headsets playback

1. Star Wars

Star Wars VR version

If there was ever a movie made for virtual reality, Star Wars is it. Google, Verizon and Lucasfilm's ILMxLAB studio came together to create a Star Wars: The Force AwakensVR experience for Google Cardboard late last year, one of my all-time favorite movie series! Announced a collaborative project between ILMxLab, Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm that will bring virtual reality and augmented reality to Star Wars as an immersive and interactive experience for the fans!



2. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games VR version

The official Hunger Games VR experience allows you to immerse yourself in a 360 degree narrative that explores key moments from throughout Katniss' journey across all four films in the series. Get it from YouTube app to enjoy the Hunger Games VR Experience in stereoscopic 3D virtual reality, you will soar through iconic environments and scenes from throughout Panem.



3. The Martian

Martian VR version

Last November, 20th Century Fox released a short VR video for The Martian on Samsung's Milk VR portal, which offers the kind of VR experience that serves to fuel an appetite instead of satisfying a hunger. The video was just a sneak peek of the full experience, expected to be 15 to 20 minutes long and be released in 2016. Shot during production using the actors and sets from movie, this immersive adventure allows viewers to experience Mars from the perspective of Matt Damon's character.



4. Wild

wild VR version

After much anticipation, The Wild is an interactive, 360* video that allows travellers to experience the pristine coastal wilderness of British Columbia, Canada in a truly immersive way. The three-minute, 360-degree virtual reality video puts the viewer alongside Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon), making her journey a little less lonely. One YouTuber uploaded a view of the experience though VR goggles.



5. Batman: The Animated Series

The Batman VR version

Warner Brothers, DC Entertainment and cloud graphics firm Otoy Warner Bros./DC and Mattel are teaming up to introduce a whole new generation of Bat-fans to the world of Batman: The Animated Series, by way of a virtual reality experience for the current iteration of the View-Master. For those who remember the early View-Master toy from their own childhoods, be advised that explore the Batcave from every angle.





Part 2: Top 6 must-see 3D Blu-ray collections to play on VR headsets

1. Avatar

avatar bluray movie

You've seen Avatar. If you haven't, you aren't alive. What can I really say about it? Controversial and somewhat criticized for it's redundant, cliche and typical story telling but lauded for it's unbelievably good effects, world building and innovated use of 3D (all of which set a new standard in Hollywood). I think Avatar is a very entertaining film as a whole. The story may be predictable and somewhat derivative of other work but it's setting is so beautiful, detailed and progressive that it's hard not to at least be entertained by it. While the movie's final act doesn't play nearly as well as the rest of the film (especially on repeat viewings) I think there is enough here to give the movie a more than enthusiastic review. Avatar needs to be seen to be enjoyed... and seeing it on this disc may be your best best. Avatar is a creative success that doesn't necessarily aim too high in terms of narrative. I think this was a wise decision as it may have been overwhelming to dig into the world of Pandora if it were any different.


2. X-Men: Apocalypse

x-men apocalype blu-ray movie

X-Men: Apocalypse is presented on Blu-ray courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment with an AVC encoded 1080p. This 8th entry in the X-Men franchise serves it's purpose and offers up a tight and decent story with solid performances. Hugh Jackman get's his Wolverine cameo and Oscar Issac's as the villain is well acted and a tad mellow-dramatic as the film plays out. Fox's disc features an very vibrant and smooth picture presentation along with an above average 7.1 DTS audio track. Dialog is clear and surrounds are active. Bonus features cover the normal spectrum of info which makes this a deserved spot on your shelf!



3. Deadpool

deadpool bluray movie

Deadpool is a comic book movie riddled with violence, blood, profanity and a bit of nudity. Despite that, this film was a huge success and is the 2nd highest grossing R rated movie of all time in America and THE highest grossing R rated movie of all time worldwide. It shattered everyone's expectations. Based of the trailers, I thought it would just be a fun little movie but it was way better that just that. It's funny, has great action, and everyone (including me) was so glad that they made this R. Picture quality is amazing. Highly recommended for comic book fans and film fans alike.



4. Star Trek Beyond 

star trek beyond bluray movie

Star Trek Beyond is directed by Justin Lin, and writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung who did their deep dive homework and their love for the show, its characters, and tropes shows up in nearly every scene. You could fill a basket with the Easter Eggs sprinkled around, too- everything from Picard's Stargazer to a 'giant green hand' are peppered in the story. The action is fierce, and a little overwhelming at times. Scenes shoot by so fast during the takedown of the Enterprise that a second viewing is needed to see who did what and where. That's where the Blu Ray will come in- you'll be able to catch those other little moments that fly past almost too quickly to catch. In a word, this movie is an excellent addition to the Star Trek universe, which definitely a must-see for any dedicated fan.


5. Zootopia

zootopia bluray movie

The animated film Zootopia from Disney really knocks it out of the park in almost every way imaginable. The story is great, the moral is perfect and delivered so very precisely to be appreciated by both adults and children, and the characters are flawed and enjoyable. The world is immensely fun to watch and pick up on things in the background as well as just see the intricate design of this film. They really did a great job with the world building for this film, as it feels like an entire believable world. This film is another in the long line of animated hits in the new Disney Renaissance, which I am told is called the Disney Revival.


6. Finding Dory

finding dory blu-ray movie

Disney's Blu-ray 3D release of Finding Dory is superficially derivative, which has released 13 years after Finding Nemo. It talks about how Dory has been on ocean advantures to find her parents together with her friends after she suffered the short memories all of her childhood. This film finds its place and success beyond the cruder story details and down within the characters themselves. The film is more a journey of the spirit than it is the body, and with excellent depth of character support complimenting the outer layers, the film plays very well and works as a quality sequel to a great original. 



Part 3: How to watch 3D (Bluray) movies on VR headsets?

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Dimo Video Converter Ultimate helps you fast convert any 3D Blu-ray collections to VR headsets with zero quality loss, optional to keep or trim their credits/trailers, rendering SBS 3D effects to Blu-ray discs or extract soundtracks as you desire. The GPU NVIDIA acceleration make Blu-ray backup on the go can be done in 6x faster speed than other ordinary converter tools. More than a video converter, taking advantage of IP sharing technology, it also provide the free and stable video streaming service by "Media Server" to help users streamlessly cast converted videos from Win/Mac to any mobile devices and main video home theatre playback mediums like TV/game console/projectors etc.

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Guide to convert Blu-ray to 3D movies for playing on VR headsets


◉ Download and install the top VR video converter software on your PC

◉ Insert 3D Blu-ray disk into the Blu-ray drive

Step 1. Upload your 3D Blu-ray movies

Launch the professional 3D Blu-ray Ripper, and click "Add Blu-ray" to import 3D Blu-ray files to the program. Double click the video, you can preview the movie in the pop-out video player. You can also add DVD disc, DVD/Blu-ray folders, ISO image files to transcode by the same way.

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Step 2: Select the Output VR Format

Hit "Select Format", there are a lot of VR format options for you, you'd better know what video formats your VR headset supports, like Google Cardboard, the best VR video format depends on the the devices it connect. For example, if you play a 3D video on Google Cardboard with iPhone X/8/8 Plus, you'd make sure your 3D video is 3D MP4, 3D MOV, 3D M4V. But for Android mobile phone, you can play 3D 3GP, 3D MP4, etc on Cardboard. This adapts to many VR headsets in the market, like Freely VR, Sony PSVR, Gear VR, HTC Vive, etc.

best 3D VR movies format

Tips: If you like, you can optimize the output video quality and size by click "Settings" to adjust bitrate, frame rate, encoder, resolution etc. You should understand the loss in VR resolution because of the split of screen across two eyes, for example, PlayStation VR features a 1920 x 1080, OLED display split vertically to deliver a resolution of 960 x 1080 to each eye. So to change the video resolution please keep in mind that higher resolution results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss, and vice versa.

Step 3. Add 3D effect

Click "Edit" icon to activate the editor window to start adding 3D SBS effect to source files by this path: "Edit" > "3D" > "Left-Right" > "OK". Also this 3D movie converting tool supports editing function includes the cropping frame size, trimming the length, adding watermark, rotating and so on.

SBS 3D VR effects

Step 4: Start to rip 3D Blu-ray to Side-by-side 3D

Return to the 3D Blu-ray VR Converter main interface, and hit the "Start" to start Blu-ray for VR video enjoyment on VR headsets. Once it finishes, you can get the resulted videos by clicking the "Open" button.

Step 5. Put the output 3D .mp4 or .mkv to VR headset for playing

Different VR headsets has different video transferring ways, click "Import Guides" to get your VR own solution to have an amazing VR movies experience.

Part 4: Tips to healthly adjust to VR headset before jumping into 3D movies world

Take the time to get adjusted to the virtual reality experience before using VR headsets extensively. Begin by using VR headsets for only a few minutes at a time. Use that time to get adjusted to how the device reacts to your movements. As you become accustomed to the virtual reality experience, you can begin increasing the amount of time you use VR headsets. Take frequent breaks while using VR headsets. If you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain, or disorientation, immediately discontinue using VR headsets. Each person reacts differently to virtual reality so you should base the frequency and length of breaks on what is right for you.

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