8K Player User Guide


Blu-ray technology lets you watch movies how the director intended. Crystal-clear picture, intensified colors and streaming internet video can be yours when you add this new Blu-ray player to your home entertainment system, while boast full HD 1080p picture quality, instantly providing clearer and better picture. With support of various advanced audio decoding technologies, this Blu-ray media player could play back Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD and other high quality audios.

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> Brief Introduction

8K Player comes with easy to use interface. You only need to open this Blu-ray Player, then load source media files for playback.
During movie playback, it allows users to set subtitles, audio tracks and videos for better movie experience. Various playback control operations are included, like full-screen display, fast-forward, back-forward, make gif, add bookmark, check history, record screen, etc.


Play Blu-ray/DVD/Video/Audio/ISO

Step 1. Load source media files 

8K Player (Blu-ray Power) supports to play Blu-ray, DVD, video and audio files. Launch 8K Player and then you could see a clean interface with several options. Click the last "Navigation panel" option and click "Open File", "Open Bluray" or "Open DVD" to load corresponding media files for playback. 


1. Click "Open File" option to browse video and audio for playback, click "Open Bluray" or "Open DVD" options to open Blu-ray/DVD discs from disc drive for playback. 

2. If you're going to play back Blu-ray/DVD folder, you could click "Open Bluray" or "Open DVD" to browse and load folder for playback.

3. You should make sure that a virtual drive should be installed on your computer to play ISO file. Launch the virtual drive and load the ISO file, then you can operate the same way as playing Blu-ray disc. 

4. While loading the Blu-ray, DVD disc/folder/ISO file, please make sure that your computer is connected to internet. After loading Blu-ray/DVD, internet connection is not necessary for playing.

Play Blu-ray


Playback Preference Settings

Step 2. Subtitle/Audio track settings 

After loading source media files, this media player would start to play. During playback, you could righr click the video and choose "Subtitle Track" or "Audio Track" to do subtitle or audio track settings. 


Step 3. Video Playback settings 

Click the "Play", "Fast forward", "Fast-backward", "Volume Control" "Mute" icon to do video settings during playback and click maximize button for full-screen playback or minimize to quit full-screen playback. Or you are able to adjust the screen size of the playback window. 

If you want to watch video and do something at the same time, you can use the "play always on the top" function to make the video playback Window always on top of other ones. Click the last "Navigation panel" option and click "Always on the top" to activate it. To disable it, just click this button again.

Note: This option is only avaliable for Windows version.

Always on top


Other Highlight Functions

1. If you want to reference some comments on the inspiration you get from the moments in movie playing but can't always remember in which frame later or how to find it, then you could use the Bookmark feature released by 8K Player (Blu-ray Power), makes it easier for you by tab "Bookmark" to record every memo you write, especially good for the video demonstration, or teaching tutorials. 


2. Most Blu-ray playback software won't let you capture images from your movies and output GIF. With 8K Player Blu-ray Power, you can. click the Snapshot icon at the bottom of the screen, and the app will let you save the current frame as a PNG file. If you desire to creat a senction of movies, it's very easy and simple you just need directly to click "Output GIF" to make your own GIF within up to 30 seconds. 

make gif

3. If you like some video or want to view certain thing on a practice video in detail you always use the fantastic feature, loop. You can loop whole video or section of video with 8K Player. 

Always on top

4. Maybe you have found some interesting parts during movie playback, 8K Player will be used as a worry-free screen recorder to let you to record entire screen from videos, games, web cams, etc. and get precise captures with no effort at all.


5. With simple "ONE-KEY" screenshot in 8K Player, it's ease to capture any frame of whatever you see on your movies at your will, and never miss an inspiration from a video screenshot to make a professional-like presentation or a photo album for instant sharing.

make screenshot

This page shows you the detailed settings and ultimate guide to use 8K Player, just check it to know better about this top Blu-ray Player and get better movie experience.