How to backup movies and music to Plex Cloud for sharing?

Nowadays, we all own multiple devices and deal with increasingly-large files, whether they're movies, music, photos or whatever. As such,supported for Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, the newly-launched Plex Cloud is designed as NAS to makes it simpler for media storing and then replay in any mobile devices later. To build your own NetFlix, having a Plex Cloud together with Plex at the center of your home make accessing your movies and music more convenient and economic than sitting on the hard drive of a laptop or PC. The most important is, "how to backup movies and music to Plex Cloud" is posed here so you can enjoy them on your devices anywhere including your Smartphone, tablet, HDTV, VR headsets, etc.

backup movies and music to Plex Cloud

➤ Part 1: What's Plex Cloud for storage the movies and music?

➤ Part 2: Why need to convert and downscale movies and music before importing to Plex Cloud?

➤ Part 3: Best Workaround: How to fast convert movies and music for backup to Plex Cloud?

➤ Part 4: How to stream and backup the converted movies and music to Plex Cloud?

What's Plex Cloud for storage the movies and music?

Thanks to seamless integration with each type of device in the feature of Plex Cloud, whether it's a desktop computer, iPad, smartphone, Smart TV or Media Streamer, you can easily access the files stored on your Plex Cloud anywhere. What's more, you can create accounts for your family members and friends so they can access the Cloud as well. If you're worried about disclosing everything to them, you can easily customise account permissions to ensure access is only available to appropriate content – do the kids really need access to the Disney movies? What's even better, you can easily share files and folders with anyone over the Internet by simply creating a link or sending them as attachment in an email. It's a breeze!

Why need to convert and downscale movies and music before importing to Plex Cloud?

Sounds wonderful, huh? Well, it's probaly happened that the some HD home movies like Westworld and hot songs you uploaded to Plex Cloud can't play HD movies throught Plex Cloud on Roku/Kodi/TV/iPhone, for example:

"Unable to play HD movies thru plex on iPhone when I was on traveling. Have been importing movies (not HD) for the past 4 years as I have time and they all play well thru streaming from the plex app. However when I got to where it became HD movie content all I could get was sound, no picture. HD content plays perfect on the Plex site on my iMac. Went back and exported another non-HD movie and it played well. All of my content is in the mkv formant."

"I'm looking into a cloud solution for backups in case a disk or two fails. I intend to backup all/most of the data on Plex Cloud, lets assume it is 4 TB. I would like to also backup my PMS DB & settings, but if needed i can back that up to the Plex Cloud first. all files should be less than 3-4 GB."

To solve that kinds of problem similared to the above mentioned, Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is in your need.

Before copy movies and music to Plex Cloud for TV playback later, you can convert all popular HD video formats such as 3GP, FLV, MPEG, MOV, VOB, ASF, MKV, WMV, AVI to MP4 video and AAC, M4A audio with excellent output quality and 50X higher conversion speed. The converted MP4/MKV video can be put on your iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, PSP, mobile phone and many other portable players during traveling. Since the video files of most movies and music downloaded from different torrent sites are different, such as files of movies got from YouTube always ended with .mp4 or .flv, if your TV or smartphone can't accept the FLV format, then you have to convert them first.

Besides that, you could use it to downscale the size of movies and music to save Plex Cloud storage by converting large files like MKV to the compressed format MP4, or change their DNA like "encoder", "bite rate" and "famerate" to realize your target. What's more, with trimming function in the build-in editor of Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, you could directly backup the main movies and music with those annoying previews, warnings and promotional clips removed but still remaining the original quality of the movie to get the smaller output size.

For Win users, please switch to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate (compatible with Windows 10 PC).

people have downloaded it

Best Workaround: How to fast convert movies and music for backup to Plex Cloud?

Download and install Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac FREE TRAIL version on your macOS High Sierra. Follow the guide to convert movies/music to Plex Cloud step-by-step.

Step 1. Load your media files of movies and music to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Open the program and make sure you are working under the "Converter" tab to be able to access all the features this Fast Video Converter has to offer when it comes to converting your movie and music files. Next, you have to import your movies and music files to the converter. You may either manually browse by clicking "Add File" or drag-and-drop your media files to import them. Once imported, your videos will appear listed in the window. 

import movies and music to video converter for backup to Plex Cloud

Step 2. Select friendly output format for video playback after backup to Plex Cloud 

Go to the "Select Format" >"Video" or "Device" category and select your target format. This will have your video converted to the format best for playing on your target device based on your conditions. Here recommend the versatile "MP4" which are widely supported by almost all devices and video players.

select format to backup movies and music to Plex Cloud

Tips: To quickly share a video clip with someone using Cloud Drive, you should compress the video first – especially if it's HD, then you can press the "Setting" button to shrink the movies and music size, bitrate, frame rate, audio sample rate, etc to make it quicker to upload, download, and stream from the cloud. But the principle is that, lower resolution, frame rate and bitrate will reduce the file size, and also lower the output quality. So choose carefully.

setting of  movies and music for backup to Plex Cloud

What's more, by clicking "Edit" button you can trim, crop or adjust the video with the built-in video editor to get the very part and effect of the movie you want. Here, to cut long movies, just turn to "Trim" tab to cut the movies or music into smaller parts to get the very part you want.

trim to backup movies and music to Plex Cloud

Step 3. Start the movies and music to Plex Cloud conversion 

Click "Start" button to start encoding movies and music for uploading to Plex Cloud. After the conversion, click "Open" button to get the exported files and then upload the converted movies and music files into Plex Cloud for sharing with your friends, families, and media entertainment devices. Now, video after backing up to Plex Cloud all playback issues will be solved.

How to stream and backup the converted movies and music to Plex Cloud?

set up Plex Cloud

Once you get your invite, it's time for the fun to begin. To set up your Plex Cloud server, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account on Plex Web.

2. In the server drop-down menu in the top-left corner, select Plex Cloud.

3. After an intro screen, you'll be redirected to log in to your Amazon account.

4. Once you're logged in, Plex will install the Plex server in your Amazon Drive account. Wait for this to finish, then click Continue.

5. Now, upload your music, movies, video, and everything else to Amazon Drive. Note: You'll need to use the Amazon Drive desktop client to upload any files larger than 2GB.

6. Organize your media on Amazon Drive into folders. Making separate folders for movies, TV shows, music, and photos will help you organize your files in Plex later.

7. In Plex Web, add folders from Amazon Drive to your libraries the same way you would on your own server normally.

Tips: At the time of writing, Plex Cloud is only available via invite. You can sign up for an invite here. Hopefully Plex drops this requirement soon. Furthermore, keep in mind that Plex Cloud can get pretty costly. Between the required Plex Pass and the highly recommended Amazon Drive subscription, you could end up paying almost as much as a Netflix subscription every month to store your own downloaded content. Plus, you have to download it all, then upload it all again just to watch it on all of your devices, anywhere. If that's worth it to you, proceed.

Once everything is up and running, your Plex Cloud server will be available just like any other server in the drop down menu in your various Plex apps. Simply select Plex Cloud on your desktop, home theater, set-top box, or iOS or Android device and start streaming, at home or anywhere else in the world.

Still have trouble about backup movies and music to Plex Cloud for streaming and further playback? Please feel free to Email Us.

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