Best 3 Free Screen Recorders for Mac OS X [Reviewed]

Have you decided to try screencasting on your Mac to show off your apps, or to teach others how to use specific software? But fancy how to look for a program that can record the activities happening before Mac screen to create a how-to video to demonstrate working of a program, compile a product's demo video for some client, record gameplay to post on YouTube or record any other activity on the screen to share with friends or stakeholders.

If you spend lots of time conducting tutorials, it can get a bit frustrating when you have difficulty in getting your point across to your audience. Hence, today we are sharing with you a list of the top screen recording tools for Mac that you can use for free. It will make you record of stream professional-quality footage from your webcam, desktop, or games a lot easier.

Best Screen Recorders for Mac Reviews

➤ Part 1 Top 3 Free Screen Recording Software That Saves Money

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Top 3 Free Screen Recording Software That Saves Money

Screen Recorders are handy tools used to record the computer's screen, i.e., record the ongoing activities on the screen. Have you tackled numerous trial versions and received nothing close to the bang for the buck you expected? Here, we have compiled the top 3 safe and effective, at the same time, outstanding free screen recorders that successfully compete with the best paid screen recorders.

No.1 Screen Recorder - 8K Player for Mac

OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later, incl. El Capitan and macOS Sierra (10.12)

8K Player for Mac is is a full-featured but lightweight free build-in screen recorder from a developer known for its free 8K/4K/HD/SD media player software. It is capable of recording what's on your screen (like game walkthrough, tutorials and iTunes DRM-protected video and non-downloadable YouTube videos) and saving it in HD MP4 format. Similarly, the 8K Player for Windows can be singled out for the screen capturing too. Included the more advanced free tools also offer movies GIF output, live infinite looping by dedicated single or segments, and inspiration bookmarks during anytime in recording playing.

No.1 Best Screen Recorder software

  • Able to record both your mic input as well your Mac system's sound
  • Own coherent interface and built-in media player
  • With built-in camera, record everything happening before your Mac screen;
  • real time to record online streaming videos, movies, music videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc.
  • people have downloaded it

Unlike some free screen recorders in the market, there's no time limit on the length of your recordings in this screen recorder, which can be useful if there's a chance you might accidentally leave the recorder running. Once you're done, you can preview your recording video and export it to your hard drive or to YouTube later.

No. 2 Screen Recorder - QuickTime Player

OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

If you have been using Mac for a while, you'd probably know Quick Time Player is the default Mac video player. But did you know that you could use Quick Time Player to do screen recording too? That's right, and it's as easy as opening the player and going to File > New Screen Recording since QuickTime X (QuickTime Player v10.x).

You can choose to record your entire screen or just drag your mouse to only select and record a certain area. Best of all, the recording limit is only limited by the available space in your hard drive. QuickTime automatically saves the screen recording to .mov format, which is used for QuickTime and Apple devices as default. However, sending these videos to Windows PCs might be unable to deliver via Internet, publish to social network, incompatible with Windows. In addition, the QuickTime screen recorder option does not allow modifying the sound quality being recorded. If you want to edit and post to online social websites, you'd better to convert your screen recordings to the compatible formats as per your condition by the help of Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

Download Ultimate converter for mac Download Ultimate converter for windows

No. 3 Screen Recorder - Jing

OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Jing is a screen capture tool that allows you to capture images, but it also has video recording capabilities. To begin recording, just use the capture tool and drag it to the area you want to record. Once you have selected your area, you can start recording.

Jing includes the option to use the mic when recording, so you can narrate through your steps if that is necessary. It is the perfect tool for creating video tutorials of up to 5 minutes. While you can record your voice, unfortunately, you can't record your sound system because it's not designed to capture the system's audio.

Best 3 Free Screen Recording Programs Reviews Chart

To make you clear about the features about aforementioned free screen recording software for Mac, we also add a chart for your reference.

Top Free Screen Recorders
Audio accompaniment
(System / Mic)
Is it a screen recorder with no watermark embedded?
Time limitation
Output format
8K Player for Mac- Screen Recorder
Mac OS X V10.5 or later
Yes / Yes
QuickTime Player
Mac OS X V10.6 or later
Yes / Yes
Mac OS X V10.5 or later
No / Yes
Maximum: 5 minutes

Summing it up, all the best screen recording software can be effective methods of capturing your work-related or entertainment activities on any Mac system. Ultimately, whether you should spend some money on one of the products above depends on the nature of your tasks. But if you keep your screen recording needs simple, you are sure to be satisfied with something from the list. Just choose according to your priorities.

Got into trouble to share the hows-to screen to YouTube after capturing by the screen recorders? Please comment below or email us for having professional support.

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