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Thanks to the uprising Virtual Reality technology and the blooming VR headsets, you don't need to head up to theatre to enjoy your movies in an immersive environment with the lights off. With a VR headsets on your head, it's easy to replicate an environment, real or imagined, and simulate your physical presence and environment in a way that allows you to interact with it, and make you feel like you are sitting in a 3D movie theatre where you can look around and towards the screen where a video is being played. However, the best VR movie is not easy to find and some videos might not be suitable for your VR headsets owning to the conditions. In such case, you can use Video Converter Ultimate, a best VR 3D video converter to convert your non-VR video to VR video or convert VR video for specific VR device like HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

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➤ Part 1: The knowedge of VR videos, VR players and VR headsets

➤ Part 2: How to Convert Non-VR to VR Videos?

The knowedge of VR videos, VR players and VR headsets

Before rushing to convert VR videos to experience things for real, the knowedge of the difference between VR video and 360-degree video, hottest VR headsets and formats is listed for your reference.

VR Video VS. 360-degree Video

The 360-degree video that capture the entire scene around the camera is not the same thing as VR. When playing the 360-degree videos/photos in a VR headset, you can look around and feel immersive in the scenery but not able to interact with it. You can watch most of these video/photos on a regular flat 2D screen but some VR video resources are limited to play in common players.

Best Video Formats for Top Popular VR Players
Top VR players VR Player RiftMax Kolor Eyes LiveViewRift Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player
Type Freemium   Free Freemium Free
Supported on Windows, Mac, Android Mac, Windows Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Mac, Windows Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Formats Supported 2D, 3D 2D, 3D H264, H265/HEVC, ProRes, Cineform All common formats All common formats
Best VR video formats for Top VR Headsets to Experience Virtual Reality
Top VR headsets Google DayDream Oculus Rift HTC Vive PS VR Homido VR VR One Gear VR Google Cardboard
2D Format Supported MP4 MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV MP4 MP4 MP4, MOV MP4, MOV, M4V MP4, AVI, and FLV MP4, MOV, M4V
3D Format Supported 3D SBS/360 degree Video 3D SBS/360 degree Video 3D SBS/360 degree Video 360 degree Video (SBS if VR player are installed) 3D SBS/360 degree Video 3D SBS/360 degree Video 3D SBS/360 degree Video 3D SBS/360 degree Video

How to Convert Non-VR to VR Videos?

Featured with a simple and intuitive user interface, Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is specially designed to convert non-VR videos to VR devices including Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vice, Oculus, etc. It is a powerful program that makes virtual reality video conversion easier, so that you can immerse into your favorite movies without distraction no matter what they are the rides, roller coasters, natural beauty, thrilling games, car drifting, shooting, sniper attacks, commando games and much more of this type, are living with your mobile or VR device and explore your environment like you're in the scene by converting any 2D file to SBS 3D for VR playback, it's amazing!

What's more, it allows you to edit VR videos with basic yet useful options like changing a VR video format/resolution to be available to VR video players, trimming, adding watermark, adding effects, etc. For mac user, Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is your best choice.

Dimo Video Converter Ultimate - Best VR Video Converter to Convert Virtual Reality Videos

Professional VR video converter to convert virtual reality videos to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, H.264 etc. for playback in a lightning-speed with minimal loss of quality. No adware, no malware

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Step 1. Add Video Files

Open this VR/3D video converter. You can directly use the "Add File" button to load the ordinary video that you wish to convert into VR format. Or it is also available to drag and drop videos from PC folder into this program.

import video to vr video converter

Step 2. Select proper VR video format as Output Format

This VR Video Converter has already preset the compatible format for the top 3 VR headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear, so that you can directly find their VR icon as the output format via "Select Format"> "Device" > "VR". If your VR device is not included in the "VR" options, then please choose "MP4" as your target format, or you could select the other formats according to your VR video specification.

format of converting non-vr-to-vr

Tips: Before starting the conversion, click the "Settings" on bottom right corner where you are able to adjust the video/audio settings like encoder, resolution, frame rate, bit rate and so on. Also it is possible to change the output folder path as per your need.

Step 3: Add 3D VR effects to your video

Click "Edit" icon to activate the editor window to start adding 3D SBS effect to source files by this path: "Edit" > "3D" > "Left-Right"/"Top-Bottom" > "OK". Also this VR video converting tool supports editing function includes the cropping frame size, trimming the length, adding watermark, rotating and so on.

add vr effects to video

Step 4: Start to convert VR video to VR headsets

Return to the VR video converter main interface, and hit the "Start" to VR video conversion. Once it finishes, you can get the resulted videos by clicking the "Open" button for movie importing.

Now, you can dive into new adventures through this top VR maker to watch VR movies on your VR headsets, you now easily enjoy your YIFI, YouTube, MKV, the latest released Disney movie, Star War VR and even VR Pornhub without interference. Converting non-VR video to VR is a growing and dynamic field, after installing Dimo VR Video Converter - Watch VR video you will be amazed with the live video conversion experiences. It's in your play store now, rush to install and enjoy different sections of music, fiction, travel and extreme adventures.

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