AC3 to AAC- Enjoy AC3 in MKV/MP4 without limit

AC-3 audiotracks (short for Arc Consistency Algorithm #3) is a type of Dolby Digital audio format, which can be contained in different format containers, such as MP4, and MKV, etc.. However, while most audio devices and multimedia players support AC3 playback, only a handful of them currently support AAC. Here's our guide on how to convert an audio in MP4/MKV from AC3 to AAC, so audio codec incompatibility is a thing of the past, and you are able to enjoy AC3 audio file on devices which don't support AC3, like iTunes, iPad, iPod, QuickTime, PSP, PS3, Zune, Apple TV, etc.

Convert AC3 to AAC

Reason for AC3 to AAC conversion:

Many devices do not support videos with AC3 audio. In other words, the video is played but with no sound. The reason for this is that those audio codecs have patents and a commercial license must be paid in order to decode them. Thus, some companies choose not to pay and do not support them. On the other hand, no licenses or payments are needed to stream or distribute content in AAC format.

Sample 1: I had this audio issues on a RCA TV. First, I did some research about the supported codecs and containers for the TV. Then, I tested several programs and finally found the perfect combination. This issue with audio codecs is also present in other TV manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic or LG. In addition, videos with AC3 audio can't be played in Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc.

Sample 2: Recently, I saw this same issue on an iPad so I decided to post my solution. On the iPad, the VLC app showed the message: "Codec not supported, VLC could not decode the format a52 (A52 Audio (aka AC3))".

AC3 audio can be played by VLC, WMV, and common players for DVD. If you cannot play AC3 file directly, try to install an AC-3 filter on your computer or do AC3 to AAC conversion with Dimo Video Converter Ultimate easily as below.

Best AC3 to AAC converter

Converting audio in MKV/MP4 from AC3 to AAC seems troublesome. You extract the audio from MKV with an app, convert AC3 to AAC with another app, and add the new AAC audio to the MKV files with a third one. In fact, it's much easier than you may think along with Dimo Video Converter Ultimate.

This AC3 to AAC converter can not only convert AC3 (5.1) to AAC but also offer other useful functions: video/audio conversion, free share videos and audios from computer wirelessly, make ISO, trim your audio files or personalize your videos, etc. In addition to convert AC3 to AAC, it can help you finish audio conversion from WMA to WAV, MKA to OGG, WAV to WMA, FLAC to MP3, MP3 to OGG, etc. effortlessly. Plus, as a video converter as well, this all-in-one app supports video conversion keeping high quality: H.265 to H.264, MKV to MP4 and convert MKV to AVI. All these conversions can keep its original quality. For people who are running on Mac OS (X), please get Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to convert AC3 to AAC on Mac(OS High Sierra included). Let's start the step-by-step AC3 file to AA3 conversion.

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Encoding AC3 to AAC audio codec in MKV/MP4 with a Simple Way

Step 1: Add MKV/MP4 files with AC3 codec or AC3 audio files

Install the launch the AC3 to AAC Converter. Click the "Add File" button to import AC3 audio files or videos with AC3 audio tracks into it for converting. Or directly drag the files you want from the computer to the main interface of this program.

AC3 to AAC converter

Step 2: Set output profile and settings as AAC

You can select the output video format HD MKV, HD MP4 from "Format > HD Video in the drop-down list "Select Format" and then you can click "Settings" to select audio codec as AAC. As the formats supported list shown, you can select devices as output format. It is really convenient to directly convert videos/audios to our various devices if we don't know what format it supports. For instance, I converted MP4 to PS4 Pro and converted MKV to iPad. So if you are not a master of device formats, it is really useful for you!

aac audio settings

Note: If you import AC3 audio files in Step 1 or wish to extract AC3 audio from MKV/MP4 video to AAC, you just need to click the format icon at the right side, and choose AAC as an output in Audio tab.

AAC audio format

Step 3: Encode AC3 to AAC

Hit the "Start" button to start converting AC3 to AAC on the main interface of the powerful AC3 to AAC Converter. Quickly you will get your converted AAC audio codec with audio/video sync correctly. Now you can enjoy AAC audio file on your much-loved devices, media servers or players.

This AC3 to AAC Converter will take you breath away by astonishing speed and excellent output quality. In addition, Dimo Video Converter Ultimate branded to provide varied audio extracting solutions from all popular video formats like WMV, AVI, MXF, MOV, MP4, MKV, FLV, MTS, VOB, 3GP, etc. to meet demands of different people.

Extended Knowledge

What's AAC?

AAC is shorted for Advanced Audio Coding, which is a standardized, lossy compression and encoding scheme for digital audio. Designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates. AAC's compression rate has reached 20:1, far better than AC3 and MP3. At present, AAC is compatible with devices like iTunes, iPod, and Sony Walkman and so on.

What's AC3?

AC3 is an audio file developed by Dolby Library to provide surround sound audio. It is composed of up to 6 audio channels, specifically, 5 channels for normal-range speakers (20 - 20,000 Hz) and 1 channel (20 Hz - 120 Hz allotted audio) for the subwoofer driven low-frequency effects. In specific, the surround system provided by Dolby AC3 typically consists of 5 pure frequency domain channels including left front, right front, center, left rear and right rear and 1 ultra-low track, called 5.1 channel.

AC3 file is a standard audio track which is popular today for it takes the most advantage of human auditory masking, which means AC3 gets rid of the voices that human's ears are unable to hear. The process of producing and reverting is digital, so there is nearly no loss of message.

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