1:1 Fastest Copy Blu-ray to BDMV Folder for Burning/Playback

True 1080p HD – online streaming services like Netflix, digital TV services such as BBC HD and even satellite services such as Sky TV HD don't broadcast completely uncompressed HD footage. Therefore, regardless of the make and size of your HD TV, the best way to ensure you watch your home entertainment at its very best is by watching Blu-ray discs. However, there're cases in which Blu-ray discs are damaged due to scratches, fingerprints, breakage, kids playing with them, etc. Fortunately, you can backup Blu-ray disc to BDMV the digital folder with the third party Blu-ray copy software to avoid any incident.

copy Blu-ray to BDMV folder

➤ Part 1 Why need to copy Blu-ray to BDMV?

➤ Part 2 How to lossless 1:1 backup Blu-ray to BDMV copy?

➤ Part 3 What's structure in a copy Blu-ray BDMV folder?

Why need to copy Blu-ray to BDMV?

In general, after we backup Blu-ray disc, we can ensure of playing the Blu-ray disc without worrying about the damage to the optical disc due to frequent playing. If we choose to backup full blu-ray disc to a folder, we can do more:

  • Completely decrypted, so it can be played with all Blu-ray player at ease;
  • Can be taken as a digital Blu-ray backup in case that the original one is scratched or missing;
  • Can be sent to intimate friend or relative as a valuable gift.
  • Able to import the unpacked Blu-ray BDMV (M2TS) files to editor like FCP for creating a new project.

How to lossless 1:1 backup Blu-ray to BDMV copy?

If you are looking to make a backup copy of a purchased Blu-ray disc to BDMV folder for burning or home theatre playback in the near feature, then the best Blu-ray copying/ripping program integrated into Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is your best choice because it can guarantee 100% HD full Blu-ray backup regardless of any Blu-ray copy protections, including BD-Live and BD+, etc.. With the whole Blu-ray disc copy option in Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, you can 1:1 Blu-ray disc to disc duplication yet keep the original Blu-ray folder structure of both video chapters and audio folder.

What's more, if you only want to copy the main titles in your Blu-ray disc without any re-encoding, then turn to the tutorials of how to backup Blu-ray to M2TS here. While, this Blu-ray Ripper enables you to rip protected Blu-ray discs into versatile popular video, audio formats, such as H.264, MP4, lossless MKV, AVI, etc., or directly to rip and transfer Blu-ray BDMV folder to iPad, iPhone, Xbox, PS4/PS3, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Oculus Rift VR headsets and more 450+ devices without quality loss in 30X faster ripping speed than others.

For Mac users, please turn to this Blu-ray ripper for Mac, it is full compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12 and Capitan 10.11 etc., so you can  with high quality.

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Guide to 1:1 copy and backup Blu-ray movies to BDMV folder

Step 1. Load Blu-ray Movie

Launch the best Blu-ray copy program and insert Blu-ray Disc to your disc drive (either external or internal) to read Blu-ray Disc.

Step 2. Choose an output folder

Click "..." button by the end of the bottom to select a destination folder for the output decrypted Blu-ray files.

Step 3. Copy the entire Blu-ray structure

Click button "Copy Blu-ray Disc to Folder" from the drop-drop menu of "Add Blu-ray" to start copying the Blu-ray disc to hard drive, including the menus, titles, ads, etc.

backup Blu-ray to BDMV folder

As soon as the copying task finished, you can click "Open" button to locate the output Blu-ray directory on your computer, the decrypted Blu-ray folder contains all information and contents in the original disc.

copy Blu-ray to BDMV folder

Since a Blu-ray BDMV copy usually contains 2 separate folders: BDMV and CERTIFICATE. BDMV folder contains information about the contents of the Blu-ray disc, while CERTIFICATE is empty, but necessary for the disc to play back correctly on some devices. To play the decrypted Blu-ray folder without Blu-ray drive, you can follow this path like Open BDMV -> STREAM folder to get all the .m2ts movie clips (generally the main movie/title), then you just need to play these M2TS videos on PC via VLC, 8K Player or have a further conversion and transfer to other devices for playback.

Tip: With cost consideration, you try to find the most economic way to download Blu-ray 1080P/720P/3D movies without ads interruption or security problem, by the help of the best video downloader embedded in Dimo Video Converter Ultimate as well, so you are able to free download movies in Blu-ray 720P/1080P/3D or even 4K/8K to MP4, WebM, FLV, 3GP from over 300+ sites, covering YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more. In addition, it can convert downloaded Blu-ray movies to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, etc, for a smooth playback on PC/Mac and devices.

What's structure in a copy Blu-ray BDMV folder?

Actually the BDMV folder is a container format for multiplexing audio and video, under a BDMV folder/directory, there are many folders and files, including AUXDATA, BACKUP, BDJO, CLIPINF, JAR, META, PLAYLIST and STREAM directories, and 2 bdmv files. Some folders are empty. Here is a introduction about a BDMV folder contents from Wikipedia:

* AUXDATA: contains Sound data files and Font files. Sound.bdmv file stores data relating to one or more sounds associated with HDMV Interactive Graphic streams applications. otf files store the font information associated with Text subtitle applications. 
* BACKUP: contains copies of the "index.bdmv" file, the "MovieObject.bdmv" file, all the files in the PLAYLIST directory and all files in the CLIPINF directory.
* CLIPINF: contains the Database files for Clips. In CLIPINF directory, there are many clpi files, which store Clip information associated with a Clip AV stream file. 
* PLAYLIST: contains the Database files for Movie PlayLists. In this directory, there are many mpls files, which store information corresponding to Movie PlayLists. One file is created for each Movie PlayList. 
* STREAM: contains AV stream files. In this directory, there are many m2ts files, each of which contains a BDAV MPEG-2 transport stream. 
* index.bdmv: file stores information describing the contents of the BDMV directory.
* MovieObject.bdmv: file stores information for one or more Movie Objects.

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