3 Must-Do Things to Create a Polished Halloween Video on Win/Mac

Halloween is coming quickly, like those black and orange wrapped toffee candies kids are bound to get in your candy haul every year. In this creepy Halloween carnival, except keeping doing the platitudes of watching the top horror Halloween movies and dressing up the crazy costume for Halloween parties, it's perfect to have opportunity to entertain your friends and guests by creating some off-the-wall Halloween video, which goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that if they're entertained enough, they're more likely to remember your Halloween fancy talent ever recorded. That win is better than candy, right? So, "What must-do things can help to create a Halloween video on your laptop of Windows or Mac?" , that never goes stale.

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►Part I: What's the awesome idea available to make a memorable Halloween video?

►Part II How to create a Halloween video on Windows or Mac?

►Part III Conclusion

What's the awesome idea available to make a memorable Halloween video?

Before making your Halloween video worth the effort that will produce great effective impact, you should take the factors into consideration to get fresh ideas from juicy brain.

Targeted Audience --Well, Halloween is one of those rare times when your video whatever for business or personnel entertainment can be silly, scary, creepy to stir emotion or action in your audience. In this case, you could consider what your audience belongs to, kids or adults? For kids, you should make your content less scary but more silly, and the reversal for adults.

Video Shooting Content -- The rules of content are slightly different than for written text, but the end goal remains the same: creating relevant, engaging content. If you want to create a polished video, which is certainly worth of your money, time and energy because one extraordinary Halloween contents, can get your friends and guests into Halloween spirit, for example, if you are shooting something related with the zombies, you will need to get in a crowded area where you can have a lot of people in the videos. So, treat them to a bit of spookiness and create your own Halloween video in just one minute!

Video Shooting equipment -- After selected the audience and the Halloween content, the most important thing while creating a Halloween video is recording equipment. The best way to get your feet wet with video content if you don't have professional AV equipment due to the limited budget is to grab an iPhone. Nowadays, iPhones provide fast, easy, shareable, and high-quality videos in seconds, especially iPhone X/8/8 Plus, who has the powerful dual-camera system. You can invest in an inexpensive digital camera either. AV quality is important, but not as important as the content after effects of your video.

How to create a Halloween video on Windows or Mac?

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Once you get the video shooting by playing spooky and funny pranks on your friends and guests from the few hidden cameras in the Halloween party, an easy-to-use video converting and editing software like all-round Dimo Video Converter Ultimatecan help you a lot, which not only allow to edit the native video file with creating some SFX effects by 130+ templates of "Tint", "Emboss", "Invert" and "Vertigo" which you can totally free from extra downloading from somewhere;

but also support to invent scary effects to create horror Halloween videos on your Windows PC or Mac from any AV device like DSLR, iPhone etc. in specific file formats of H.265, XAVC/XAVC S, Prores, AVCHD, MXF, etc., to avoid installing the additional video conversion software. Here's the step by step guide on how can use Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Windows to edit the video.

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Steps to make a Polished Halloween Video on PC/Mac

Halloween video effect

Step 1: Load Halloween video or movies
When running Dimo Video Converter Ultimate please click "Add File" to load your Halloween videos for creating, make your Halloween videos;
Step 2: Choose desired output file format for your Halloween video;
Click "Select Format" to choose your desired output format according to your playback devices or format;


Tips: You could adjust or custom the output video quality and size by click "setting" to define its "encoder", "framerate", "biterate" and "resolution" etc.

Add invert effect

Step 3: Create scary effects to your Halloween video
Click "Edit" at the right bar of task, then Dimo Video Converter Ultimate will pop up its build-in editor, click "Effect", select one of your desired effect among "Tint", "Emboss", "Invert" and "Vertigo", "Gamma", "sharpness", "Colgate" etc., and click "OK" to apply to your Halloween video and exit "editor" window;
Step 4: Start conversion process
Click "Start" to create a spooky Halloween video on Wins PC.

For Mac users, please download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to do the same conversion on macOS Sierra or Mac OS X El Capitan.

Tips: If you'd like to trim some clips from protected Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Movies or several footages from DSLR camera to remake one, the fast versatile Dimo Video Converter Ultimate can offer its friendly hand of that as well by tab "Trim" and move the start/end timeline pin to get your wanted part, even you could merge several sections into one. Additionally, you could customize or personalize them with your own horror video by adding classic Halloween watermark or 3D effects by Dimo Video Converter Ultimate.

editor format

Of course, there are plenty of free options for making a Halloween video by the existing well-known editing software like Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro, FCP (Final Cut Pro X/7), iMovie, FCE etc. But a little pity of them is that, they have the limitation of file format containers.

For instance, FCP is great for professional-grade videos complete with music, transitions, text, and other effects but badly file of H.265/HEVC video is rejected even in the latest Final Cut Pro 10.4. Then you can try to import H.265 file to FCP by the assistance of Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac (included profile of the latest Final Cut Pro already), which you can set "Final Cut Pro X" as your output format directly. The app has already optimized the video resolution, bit rate and frame rate for the output files. The output video of Canon XF MXF, MPG, MTS/M2TS and DVD/Blu-ray can be imported to Final Cut Pro X/7 as well after conversion.


After spending all those efforts to create your polished silly/scary Halloween videos, it's truly waste if you just keep them buried at your tumble wins/Mac PC, yet don't know how and where to share them with your friends or guests or even global crazy fans? No problem! Dimo Video Converter Ultimate won't fail you in this small piece of case, you could ask Dimo to do everything until you're happy with the result, anyway, happy Halloween and get your fantasy Halloween video with Dimo programs now.

If you have some good ideas about how to create Halloween videos or movies, please comment below or contact us. Thanks for viewing! Happy Halloween! Don't Miss the mega Halloween Coupon from Dimo at Facebook.

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