Digitize Blu-ray Collection for Freely Saving or Streaming

Considering the picture quality is better (with higher bitrates and less compression), many people choose Blu-ray discs. Especially, if you are in a place lacing a fast Internet connection (or are subject to bandwidth caps from your ISP), it may be quicker and easier to buy a Blu-ray disc than wait to download a HD movie file that might top out at 8GB. But what if you have collected more than 100 Blu-rays, and when you leave your home, your Blu-ray collection will sit in your Blu-ray library at home? Wouldn't it be great to digitize all of your Blu-ray movies for protecting them from scratches or replaying on computer, tablets, phones, TVs and game consoles without limits?

Digitize Blu-ray

Reasons why we digitize Blu-ray library?

  • To stream movies directly to your tablets, computer, Blu-ray player, gaming consoles (XBOX, PlayStation, etc), even to your smart TV
  • Organize Blu-ray easily- Honestly speaking, finding all kinds of places (bench, bed, shelves, etc) to store Blu-rays is much more complex than digitizing Blu-ray library
  • Store Blu-ray and Protect your Blu-ray's from fire, scratches, loss since Blu-ray is fragile, easy to scrap
  • Watch your movies anywhere – at a friend's house, while traveling, anywhere you can get Internet access

Choose a Right Software to Rip Blu-ray to Digital files 

For whatever reason that you want your Blu-ray collection in digital files, you need a related Blu-ray copy software to backup Blu-ray to digital files. You may find lots of backup software over the search engine, but you will still feel confused about which one is good. The great solution that I recommended is Dimo Video Converter Ultimate that helps you digitize your Blu-ray library as well your DVD collections. With the listed features, it can meet all your demands for video quality, speed and more powerful functions. Mac version is here

1. Quality output video effect. It can ensure the nice original Blu-ray video effect. You don't need worry about the impact of scratch and damage to Blu-rays. 

2. Fast speed and safe conversion process, which can make you backup Blu-ray to hard drive fast without any viruses or spywares.

3. Easy-to-use handling process. This factor can save you much time to handle the Blu-ray backup software easily. 

4. Various output formats for PC and video devices. This feature can make you get more choices as for the desirable situations. 

5. Extra functions. The trimming, cropping and special effect can make you enjoy the pleasure of video editing randomly. 

After this, we need know how to digitize Blu-ray collection on PC/Mac with this great Blu-ray copying software.

How to Digitize a Blu-ray with Dimo Video Converter Ultimate

First, you should download and install this software then insert Blu-ray to Blu-ray drive before operation.

people have downloaded it

Blu-ray backu

Step one: Double click to open this converter and press "Add Blu-ray".

Step two: Choose compatible format for your devices from "Select Format" you need. You can customize your output videos by pressing "Settings". Or click "Edit" button to add watermark, flip, create 3D videos for VR headsets or trim the video to rip a part of the Blu-ray movie.

Step three: Click "Start" to start Blu-ray digitization. Set output folder if you like.

After these three steps, you can copy Blu-ray to digital files easily. Watch latest Blu-ray movies on laptop anytime anywhere once you finish backup.

Tip 1:

If you'd like backup Blu-ray in a lossless way, choose "looseless MKV" from "MultiTrack".

Tip 2:

With "fast mode" option checked, users can easily get a decent digital copy of Blu-ray movie with highest quality at 30X conversion speed.

Tip 3:

If you want to keep the original quality and copy Blu-ray to ISO only, please click "Make ISO", it will automatically implement the task similarly.

Things You Should Know Before Digitizing Blu-ray Library

Is it legal to backup Blu-ray collection for personal use?

Different places have different copyright laws in the worldwide. Before ripping & copying Blu-ray collection with Blu-rayD copy software, you should make a detailed research of current copyright laws to ensure it is legal to copy Blu-rays for personal use.

What size hard drive do you need?

Some users worry about the lack of hard drive capacity to store the digital Blu-ray content. Actually, you can calculate your needed space like this: (number of DVDs X 4.3) + (number of blu-rays X 27) = total amount of GB of hard drive space you'll need. This formula is suitable for 1:1 copying Blu-ray without any quality loss, but accordingly, the size of video files will be pretty big. And if you want to digitize Blu-ray collection to smaller size video files, you can choose a compressed video format (MP4, AVI, FLV, etc.) as output file format in order to save more storage space and time. Certainly, there is some loss in quality.

Is there any recommended video playing software to play digital video files?

A majority of people will choose computer hard drive to save the converted Blu-ray file during the process of digitizing Blu-ray library. For successfully streaming those files, you are suggested to install propervideo playeron your computer like VLC, KMPlayer and more. 

Warm note: although VLC media player is free and widely used, the situation of VLC stuttering such as VLC not playing MP4 will occur constantly when playing some uncompressed Blu-ray. Never mind, find KMPlayer, Dimo built-in player or other popular video players as alternative.

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