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Chester Bennington has died aged 41, the singer best known for fronting Linkin Park, an alternative band best known for releasing the numerous iconic nu metal albums. TMZ reports that Bennington took his own life, his body being found in a Los Angeles Area residence. His band mates have since confirmed Bennington's death. His death came just a few months after the release of the rap-rock group's seventh album, One More Light. In the wake of Bennington's death and mourn for the super idol, let's look back at eight of the best Linkin Park songs as below. And you can also download top Linkin Park songs & albums in MP3 MP4 to collect Chester Bennington - this metal star's lifetime achievement forever and feel what Bennington had experienced through his music songs.

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Part 1: Top 10 Linkin Park Songs Worthy of Downloading

Part 2: 100% Safe Linkin Park Songs Download Software

Part 3: Guide for Linkin Park Songs Download from 300+ Music Sites

Part 1: Top 10 Linkin Park Songs Worthy of Downloading

The music world has lost another one of its stars unexpectedly. Throughout his career, Bennington penned multiple phenomenal songs with the band, leading to five number one albums in the US: Meteora, Minutes to Midnight, A Thousand Suns, Living Things, and One More Light. Here are some of the top songs and performances from Bennington and Linkin Park, showcasing the singer's huge range and enormous popularity.

1. Papercut

If you haven't seen this iconic movie about a robot in space, then you have been missing out on a lot. What makes this such an amazing is that it gives such a powerful message without even using words to express them. A movie like that is rare and to think that this movie only has two characters that aren't even human at all and they express what it is to be human so perfectly.



2. Faint

Mixing electronic sounds, breakbeat drums, heavy guitar, rap, and a screaming chorus, "Faint" encapsulates everything early Linkin Park stood for. While "Numb" offered Meteora a brilliant closer, "Faint" was a huge midway point, coming after the more subdued "Easier to Run".




3. In the End

Perhaps Linkin Park's most recognizable anthem, "In the End" perfectly blends Bennington's anguished vocals with Shinoda's rapid-fire rapping. The two vocalists pass the baton back and forth as they tell a pitch-perfect story of finally coming to the end of a toxic relationship. Hybrid Theory was a monumental album, breaking new ground by mixing rap and power chords.



4. Numb

Thanks to a remix with Jay Z's "Encore", "Numb" quickly became one of Linkin Park's best-known songs. However, the original — which appeared on the album. Mashing up JAY-Z was all the rage in those days (the project was inspired by Danger Mouse's JAY-Z/Beatles combo, The Grey Album), but Bennington's vocals provided a particularly resonant backdrop for the rapper.



5. One Step Closer

The beauty of Linkin Park's music, and Bennington's vocals in particular, is that they always seemed like they were about to fall apart. As Chris Willman wrote in EW's review of the band's 2007 album Minutes to Midnight, Bennington "has a rare gift for screaming and hitting recognizable notes at the same time." Yet the thrill came from the feeling that at any point the scream could finally burst out of control. This song places that subtext at the forefront, a dramatization of feeling just one step away from the edge.


6. Breaking the Habit

Another of Bennington's personal favorites, "Breaking the Habit" is about finally breaking free of a drug addiction. Though Shinoda wrote the lyrics, they resonated so deeply with Bennington's own experiences that he found it difficult to perform even in the studio. It was the final song released off Meteora yet has become one of the band's most enduring. "Breaking the Habit" also perfectly showcases how the band managed to shift with the times without losing their mainstays of rock and rap-core.


7. Crawling

Arguably containing the most Linkin Park of opening lines in the band's canon, this is them at their most angst-ridden, the graphic depiction of distress and soul-baring emotion set them apart from their peers. For so many of their fans, this blunt approach to sentiment - from the lyrics themselves to Bennington's drawn-out wail - really had an impact on them.



8. Bleed it Out

Just because the band moved away from rap-rock on Minutes to Midnight doesn't mean they abandoned it entirely. This track, for instance, is one of the most energetic songs tracks in their entire catalog, as Bennington and Shinoda once again seamlessly united. Like so many Linkin Park songs, it's a vessel for the rage that emanates from having an itch you just can't scratch no matter what you do.



9. Burn It Down

It might not be the best Linkin Park songs but for me this was a huge statement, that Linkin Park chose to make in the form of their first single from fifth studio album. Shinoda noted that his interpretation of the song was based on the band's personal experiences: "We're talking about my personal story and his personal story, and there's also a layer of pop culture that plays a role in the lyrics of the song," he told the Huffington Post.


10. Waiting For The End

Linkin Park really tried expanding their sound on their 2010 effort, A Thousand Suns. This single is emblematic of the new direction, with Bennington and Shinoda almost switching roles: Shinoda performs some of the song's verses with a reggae-esque delivery, while Bennington sings hopefully of escaping past mistakes and finally embracing a new beginning. While a bell tolls behind Shinoda's verse, Bennington goes for a processed-style breakdown vocal that seemed like a departure from his usual style.


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Part 3: Guide for Linkin Park Songs Download from 300+ Music Sites

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