VLC Looping Tutorials – How to Loop Videos Using VLC Player and Its Alternative

Have you ever needed to loop a background videos like fireplaces or aquariums over and over again? Maybe you are playing a music video on your laptop, which is connected to some speakers and you need the same song to repeat over and over again? While it's safe to say that most videos are intended to be watched only once, there are many videos actually worth watching over and over, such as favorite music videos, games strategy video from Twitch VODs, kids' shows (the parents out there will understand). In this article, I'll mention the different ways to loop whole video or section of video on the loop with VLC and its looping player alternative.

loop video with vlc alternative

➤ Part 1 How to loop video using VLC player?

➤ Part 2 How to loop video or repeat section of video with VLC alternative?

How to loop video using VLC player?

VLC is a versatile media player that can play most video formats. One feature of VLC player allows users to loop a video, meaning when the video reaches its end, it will immediately start playing again from the beginning. The video will continue to loop until the user stops the looping process. Click on the link ("VideoLAN: Download VLC media player") in the References section to visit the download page for VLC media player. Follow the instructions on the download page to download and install VLC media player onto your computer.

Note: If MP4 won't play and loop with the VLC media player, please click here to solve VLC not playing MP4 problem >>>

1. Open the video you want to loop in VLC.

2. Click the loop button at the bottom of the player. It looks like two arrows curled around each other.

3. Unclick the loop when finished.

Optional to loop a specific section of video in VLC

loop video with VLC player

4. Select View and enable Advanced Controls from VLC. You should see four new controls appear above the play button at the bottom.

5. Set the video at the start point of your desired loop and click the third button 'Loop from point A to point B continuously'. You should see the first part of the icon turn red.

6. Set the video to where you want to end the loop and press the button again. The second part of the loop button should not be red too;

7. Press Play to view the loop;

8. Press the highlighted loop button once more to remove the loop.

repeat video section with VLC

How to loop video or repeat section of video with VLC alternative?

Errors you May Encounter When Playing and Looping videos in VLC like 4K UHD Blu-ray/DVD files even you have upgraded to VLC V2.0 by following the above instructions above. In this case, 8K Player for Mac is the NO.1 VLC alternative recommended here to make video looping extremely simple for any video file, and A-B video repeat to concentrate on a single part at a time on a Mac. This is a great movie repeat playback feature provided by 8K Player for many purposes as well as any DVD/Blu-ray (commercial DVD included) to play on a continuous loop, which most parents find it particularly helpful for demonstration videos, tutorials, kiosks, or shorter video clips that are best enjoyed on repeat, like funny memes or cat videos. For Windows users (Windows 10 included), you can use 8K Player for Win to loop video or music on your PC.

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Why 8K Player for Mac is the best VLC alternative to loop videos and audio or make A-B playing repeat:

  • Support looping playback of the MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, MPG, TS, VOB, ASF, AVI, WMV, MKV, RM, DV and FLV digital video formats;
  • Enable playback of 3D/4K UHD DVD/Blu-ray disc in looping without limitation of the protection code like AACS, BD+ or the latest MKB, CSS, Sony ArccOS, Disney X-project DRM etc;
  • With A-B repeat to automatically replay segments of any videos, DVD, Blu-ray etc. media files for better demostration;
  • Accept more than 40 audio file formats: DTS 5.1/7.1 surrounding sound, AAC, AC3, ACT, MP3, WAV, WMA, WV, XA and XWMA etc;
  • Bookmark in video whenever your inspiration coming out for future replaying;
  • GIF creator to turn video to continuous looping funny images.

Looping a video/audio in 8K Player is more simple than VLC by its clear and friendly playing menu:

loop video with 8K player

Step 1. Download and Launch this 8K Player on Mac or PC for looping your videos.

Step 2. Import Movie to 8K player

Open this excellent video looping media player, you can see a pretty compress interface. Drag any format video directly from your movie folder to the app.

Or use "Open With" by two-finger hitting > "Other..." >"8K Player" (For opening file at first time, please active it as "Always open with" media player

Or Click "Open file" to get video/audio loading to 8K Player without any delay;

Step 3. Looping videos on 8K Player

Click "Loop" icon to replay videos automatically over and over. To remove looping, please click "Loop" again to make it

Step 4. [Optional] Repeat from A-B in a single video on 8K Player

Click drop-down "Loop" icon and click "+" to add the segment looping part by dragging the pin to define both start and end looping time; To un-loop, please click "X" to get back to normal playing. For the kids' language learning or dancing videos, it's pretty helpful for the schooling kids to follow the schooling teaching tutorials in a repeating way. Especially for those parents during housing work, you can focus on your work without interruption by looping favorite cartoon videos for your kids.

repeat video section with 8K player

Additional tips: With advanced controls options of 8K Player, you can also record a part of video and save it, take screenshot or images capture of movie scenes and save them as images.

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