PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: Better Console for 4K HDR Video and Games

Sony has now declared to publish its next flagship console, the PS4 Pro, and the more exciting revelation is that it'll be on available in November. That will launch a war, if a little unfairly, against the Xbox One S, which was released in this August. But until 2017, people can expect to get the Microsoft's beefier machine, we try to list the differences both of PS4 Pro and Xbox One S here to help, wondering which is worthy of your money?

Do you still remember Tim Cook opened the WWDC event by introducing Orlando games? Which must evokes lots of games fan not only the terrorist attacking victims but also the childhood's memory. With the rapidly evolving upgrades of smartphones, tablets, television sets and even cars, any evolution for videos game consoles? Even game consoles evolve more slowly than people expected, we luckily have PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. Now it's worth a shot to compare them to draw a conclusion that whether Xbox One S is eligible to bring PS4 Pro down. See PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S in details below. (The following comparison content is based on the latest game console news).   

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S

Part 1: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: Play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

As an all-round media centre, certain increasing numbers of users prefer their games consoles to play both UHD Blu-ray discs and 4K streamed media videos like Netfilix. In this aspect, Xbox One S is remarkable better than Sony's PS4 Pro, because Xbox One S has doubled its 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player to shoot any new format discs and HDR videos. While PS4 Pro seemingly baffled its UHD Blu-ray support but sticking with "regular" Blu-ray to push 4K format as its benefits.

Part 2: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: 4K Video Playback

According to Netflix in UK reports, it will provide 4K streaming content on both consoles of PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. That means even PS4 doesn't have a 4K Blu-ray drive, it does support 4K HDR as most consoles fans expected together with updated YouTube app.

While for Xbox One S, it's certainly ready for 4K videos streaming services. And Amazon Video will be expected to offer 4K streams in the future as well.

Part 3: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: 4K HDR gaming

For raw gaming performance, the PS4 Pro has a little edger of higher resolution to output games, although we’ll obviously have to get one for testing before we have conclusion like that. And PS4 Pro showed plenty of games running in 4K with HDR picture processing, where you can got experience from its several demos. The console, as far as developers told us, is capable of playing games natively in 4K.

The Xbox One S does offer HDR (high dynamic range) gaming though, but you don't get any more detail, just upscale games to 4K with no visual fidelity enhancements aside from HDR rather than rely on your TV's abilities.

Part 4: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: Performance & Price

PS4 Pro and Xbox One S Spec Comparison
PS4 Pro
Xbox One S
CPU x86-64 AMD 'Jaguar', 8 cores single-chip custom processor 1.75GHz AMD 8-core APU
GPU 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon based graphics engine 914 MHz AMD Radeon GCN
Memory GDDR5 8GB 8GB DDR3 (5 GB available to games)
Hard Drive 1TB 500GB, 1TB, 2TB (limited edition launch model, officially sold out)
Disc Drive Supports Blu-Ray and DVD playback Supports 4K Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray and DVD playback
4K Gaming Yes Upscaled only
4K Video Streaming only Streaming and UHD Blu-ray

Judged by the above spec comparison, the performance difference between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S is rather huge, the PS4 Pro's graphics chip is rated at 4 TFLOPS (trillion floating point operations per second), where the Xbox One is at around 1.4TFLOPS, that's why PS4 Pro is able to deliver higher resolution which is good for playing games. Except that, we can say there are very minor performance differences in very specific situation, but for all intents and purposes it’s the same machine. This makes life more simple for developers.

Regarding with price, both PS4 Pro and Xbox One S cost $299 for a model with 500GB of storage and a free game.

Part 5: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: Which To Buy?

After the above reviews, we can see there is not huge difference between PS4 Pro and Xbox One S except 4K Blu-ray supported and resolution. In some sense, PS4 Pro is better games machine full 4K graphics to compatible the features of TVs, while Xbox One S has more energy on developing 4K and 4K Blu-ray video content. So if you lack a television with 4K or HDR support, things are even easier.

Part 6: Share all 4K movies/TV shows onto PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

Scratching heads effortlessly to seek the way to load all your favorite 4K UHD Blu-ray movies/TV shows to play on PS4 Pro and Xbox Ones? Here shows the easy workaround.

You could sweep away any fatigue now, Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, the all-in-one 4K Blu-ray disc ripper, 4K video converter and 4K video editor toolkit can help you easily rip 4K Blu-ray disc and convert 4K MP4/MKV video to game cole supported format without any quality loss, so that you could play 4K movies/TV shows whatever you favor PS4 Pro or Xbox One S in a few months later.

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Why converting? Even Xbox One S support 4K Blu-ray disc but it can't play 4K UHD Blu-ray movies yet due to the niche difference between regular 4K Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray, the latter always encoded by H.265/HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding) 10bit in larger sizes of single-disc 50GB, double-disc 66GB and triple-disc 100GB. If you wanna play current 4K UHD Blu-ray Hollywood blockbusters on your PS4 Pro or Xbox One S in the near future, you need to convert and compress 4K files to adjust your target game consoles at first. After conversion, you can share your 4K UHD videos thoroughly free you from the capacity limitation of your hard disk of PS4 Pro and Xbox One S.

Play 4K on PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

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