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Pre-sales Inquiry
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Pre-sales Inquiry

Q1. Is it secure to place order via your Website?

A1: Yes, of course. Our website ( is certificated by McAfee and Norton security. Your privacy is safely protected and guaranteed whenever you're browsing our site, downloading our applications or purchasing our applications. Besides, our transaction processing platform is based on the most industry-leading ecommerce Platform Digital River (share-it). That SSL encryption is applied to protect all the transaction information.

SSL Information Center:


Q2. Do you provide trial version for evaluating your applications

A2: Yes, you could go to download the trial version before you make any payment, and you could experience most functions of our application with some limitations only.

Q3. Can we buy discounted applications not from your website?

A3: Yes, we have affiliates to sell Dimo products, but make sure you have purchase Dimo apps from secure sites since there are still some hackers crack our software and sell them on sites. Please remember not to buy pirated applications without any update and support from Dimo Studio. And if you see the fake applications sold on the Internet, submit the link to us for confirmation by email, and we will offer some specials for our programs as return.

Q4: Can I use the program on another computer if I buy the single license?

A4: If you buy a single license, that means you are allowed to use the program on one computer. If you want to use this program on more than one computer, you need to buy this program again and get a new registration code.

Q5. Can I directly contact you for any support?

A5: Yes, you are welcomed to directly contact us by email or through social network for any troubleshooting, but we prefer you to get answer from FAQs for question in the most fast way.

Q6. How long it will take for money back if requirement of refund has approved?

A6: Normally it will take 3~7 business days for the credit to appear on your account once your refund request is approved. However, it may take longer time during holidays, usually it is not expected to take over 10 days. If you have not got the refund 20 days after the approval, please contact us to check the refund.

Q7. Can I exchange the "wrong" applications to the other one which I really like to purchase?

A7: Here are three solutions for your reference:

1. If you think you might use the "wrong product" in future, you can keep it and we will provide you free updates lifetime. What's more, you can buy the "right product" with discount.

2. We will refund the "wrong product" after confirmation, but please buy the "right product" first.

3. If you just mistakenly purchased the wrong version (Win/Mac), please contact us, we will exchange the right one for you.


Q1: Can I update my application for free?

A1: For most products, we provide lifetime free updates. You can check for updates right from the application directly. Besides, we'll send an email to let you know if a major upgrade is available. If the upgrade is free, you're able to download the application from the link in the newsletter. If this major upgrade is not free, you just pay a small upgrade fee.

Q2. How can I retrieve my registration code if I missed?

A2: Generally you will receive the registration code via e-mail within one hour after order is successful. If you have not received it in time or lost it, please feel free to contact our support team. Note: You need to provide the Order ID or Email Address with which you purchased our program to us first.

Q3. What can I do if I receive the wrong registration code?

A3: Theoretically, you will receive the registration e-mail automatically sent by our system according to your order and purchase information. It is hardly that we would send wrong product that customers didn't order. But if you purchased the wrong software package by accident, we can refund the wrong order for your after placing the right order. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Find the right software program you need on our official website
Step 2: Download the trial version and make sure it works properly on your system.
Step 3: If everything is OK, go ahead and purchase the software.
Step 4: Email us the Order Number of the right order and will will refund the wrong order for you

Q4. Why I have never received any registration code after purchasing?

A4: As for this issue, please contact our customer service and offer the detailed info such as the Order ID, Email, the product name and the exact address, etc.

Payment FAQ

Q1. When my credit card will be charged?

A1: Once you have processed your order processed, your credit card will be charged. You should know that nobody has the authority to charge your money until you finish the payment.

Q2. What currency do you support?

A2: Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Russian Ruble, Brazilian Real, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, Polish Zloty, Chinese Yuan, New Taiwan Dollar, Indian Rupee are all available. When ordering online, you can select from a number of currencies to display product prices for your currency.

Q3. What payment methods do you support?

A3: You can pay for our software by the following payment methods: credit-card online, credit-card by phone, credit-card by fax, purchase order, check, wire transfer, PayPal, ACH, postal mail. We recommend to use the credit-card online payment method because in this case you will receive your registration code via e-mail within a several minutes of placing an order.

Q4. Why I was charged more than the price listed on the website?

A4: As software developer, we only charge the price as list on the website. For the extra part, it might be the tax or Extended Download Service. If you still have some questions, please contact us freely.


Q1. What's your refund policy?

A1: Aiming to give customers the best service and an enjoyable expertise making use of our products, nearly all Dimo software application provide a risk free edition, thus customers can try them for free before purchasing. As an informed order reminder, a watermark will appear on the output video. The watermark also services as a reminder to buy the right product for customer's needs. 

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

To make sure you are buying the product you want and really works for you, Dimo provides a "try-before-you-buy" service, as well as an around 30-day Money back guarantee. Refunds will be only approved within this limited guarantee under the acknowledged situations. Not any refund is going to be approved if a purchase exceeds this money-back-guarantee interval.

Situation of No Refund

Dimo won't refund or exchange products commonly in the conditions below:

Non-technical Situation  

  1. You have the obligation to carefully read the product description before placing an order. Also, Dimo suggests that customers try the trial version before payment. If you choose the wrong product, Dimo will not offer a refund. However, since per your request within the guarantee period, we can exchange the wrong one for the correct within a USD $20 price difference. If the correct product is cheaper than the product you've purchased, Dimo will NOT refund the price difference.
  2. A refund request on complaint of not receiving registration code within 2 hours after purchasing. Generally, you'll receive a registration e-mail within one hour, as long as an order has been validated. However, this registration e-mail might be late because of delays invited by internet or system errors, e-mail junk controls, and so on. In such cases, customers can visit Dimo Support Center to get back the registration code, or contact our customer service team by email. And we will check & reply asap.
  3. A customer refund request on complaint of credit card fraud/other unauthorized payment. As long as an order is processed and fulfilled, it can't be changed. However, authorization during payment is out of our control since we use third-party independent payment solution. Nevertheless, Dimo Studio can help you change the purchased product to the right one. 
  4. Any partial refund is unavailable as Dimo cooperates with independent payment system. However, Dimo might refund the whole package after the customer has bought the right product separately with the guarantee period for the purchased bundle.
  5. Ordered so-called wrong product, but not exchanged or purchased the right product from Dimo or another company within the guarantee period. In all these situations, a refund will not be provided.
  6. A customer incorporates a 'change of mind' immediately after placing an order.
  7. Dimo may sell our products at different price in different regions. A refund is unavailable due to price difference. The price may also be different between Dimo and other companies.

Technical Situations

1. We'll try our best to solve customer's problems and the possible technical issues. However, no refund is available if the customer refuses to provide Dimo customer service team with the detailed descriptions and information of the problem, or decline to try the solutions suggested by Dimo customer service.

2. A refund request due to technical issues caused by software updates, if the order is over 30 days.

Accepted Situations of Refund

Dimo will approve refund requests due to the situations below, within the guidelines of its Money Back Guarantee.

Non-technical Situations

1. Ordered Extended Download Service (EDS) or Registration Backup Service (RBS) besides our product, without understanding that they are not necessary. In such cases, we'll assist you to communicate with our payment platform to get back the money of EDS or RBS, but not the money of the product.

2. Ordered a "wrong product", followed by ordering the correct product from Dimo. In such cases, we'll refund the money you paid for the wrong product if you don't need to use the 'wrong product' in the future.

3. You have bought the same product for 2 times or bought 2 products with similar features. In such cases, we'll refund one of the two products, or exchange one product for another of Dimo. 

4. You didn't get the registration code of the purchased product within 24 hours, and have failed to get back the registration code from Dimo Support Center, and have not received a prompt response (within 24 hours) from Dimo customer service after submitting your problem. In such cases, we'll refund the order if you don't need to use the product in the future.

Technical Problems

If the software you've purchased has crucial technical problems within the first 30 days, we'll refund the order if the customer refuses to wait for an upgrade in the near future. Note that the purchased license will be disabled as long as a refund is issued. In such case, you can do the following:

Completely uninstall and remove the software from the computer you've installed the software to.

Other Sales Question

Q1. Is it necessary to purchase paid version?

A1: It depends on your requirements. if you want more functions and good experience, we suggest you could try our?full version.

Q2: How can I get an invoice?

A2: For every regular order, the payment platforms like share-it will send a confirmation email with the link of the invoice included. You're able to print the electronic invoice by opening the web page below.