Halloween 2018: Top 10 Disney DVDs Movies for Kids & The Disney DVD Ripper

"Trick or treat?", just like "To be or not to be?" prompted by our great drama master Mr. Shakespeare, is the most fashionable games among kids for the delighted Halloween's Night. Other than horror movies for adults, Disney never failed to create brilliant Halloween movies that played tricks to both laughably scare and entertain kids around the world. Even for many millennials like myself, Disney movies are not for our entertainment but also for unforgettable memories of growing-up. Let's go back our trip to the most popular Halloween-related Disney DVDs movies in 2018, and share with our kids and family at home.

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Part I Which is the best Disney DVD ripper for Halloween 2018?
Part II Top great Disney DVDs List for Kids in Halloween 2018
Part III How to rip and backup Halloween Disney DVD videos?

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With Disney Channel already gearing up for the spookiest annual marathon Halloween event in 2018, do you know what the top Disney DVDs available for children, including Halloween-themed TV episodes, movies and more throughout this October?

Top Halloween Disney DVDs for Kids 10: Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire

Suitable age: 3+

Funny vampire movies where the kids sets their mom up a date with a vampire! My first time to know the monster movies I remember watching this it was somewhere near Halloween with my little sister and we were eating popcorn. It's full filled with my sweet memories with my sister in childhood.

mom vampire

Top Disney DVDs for Kids 9: Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie

Suitable age: 2+

Since 1926, "Winnie-the-Pooh" has been a staple in American pop culture as a family friendly character and stories that many kids for generations have grown up with. So in this event like Halloween, you could continue to share that with your own kids those "trick or treat" experience from 100 Acre Wood such as Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Lumpy the Heffalump and Roo.


Top Halloween Disney DVDs for kids 8 Don't Look Under the Bed

Suitable age: 7+

Disney's final attempt at a "true" horror film. Don't Look Under the Bed, was about a teenage girl whose imaginary friend turned out to be a " Boogey goo". Surprisingly enough, there were actually a few moments of sheer terror in this movie. Author's note: This movie actually made me afraid to look under my bed for years, so I totally understand why this may have been their last shot at making a real horror film... because it worked even it was a really high quality Disney movie in every way.

don't look bed

Top Halloween Disney DVDs for Kids 7: Mickey's House Of Villains

Suitable age: 2+

Halloween Night means not only candy and costumes, but spooky and cartoony specials on the Disney Channel. And as usual, "Mickey's House of Villains" brings back one of the most popular Halloween extravaganza characters in the spirit of Disney's classic holiday. Delighted and laughed, that hit the 'sweet spot' of family entertainment - funny for kids while still engaging for adults. Mickey's House of Villains is one of those movies - it is actually funny and charming and brilliant.

mickeys house

Top Halloween Disney DVDs for Kids 6: Casper

Suitable age: 7+

As a young kid with a few imaginary friends myself, I really loved Casper. Casper is a boy who became ill and died much too young, but he still falls in love with a young "live" girl Kat. Those eyes and cheeks — so cute! It would be the most wonderful thing if I could have Casper, and the jokes between the three wacky uncle ghosts and the humans made me laugh. "Can I keep you?" Ugh, it gets me to cry every time and my heart always melted when Casper turned into a real boy dancing with Kat.


Top Halloween Disney DVDs for Kids 5: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Suitable age: 7+

Whether or not you like Tim Burton's distinctive storytelling style, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween time classic. Judged by its name, most people would probably ask "Is this a Halloween movie or a Christmas hybrid movie?" Obviously, it's Halloween, a genuinely sweet movie that is way more fun than it has to be. It's not going to spooky you, but it is still a worthy supernatural Disney DVD to add to your Halloween list, because it can also reminds you that the jolly Christmas holiday is coming around the corner. I love Jack, who is probably the most lovable skeleton ever and the music and animation visual Nightmare is my favor!

nightmare before

Top Halloween Disney DVDs for Kids 4: The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad

Suitable age: 2+

Disney's "The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad" is one of the best Disney Halloween DVDs, if you are looking for something to entertain and spook the entire family. It's really about Ichabod and the headless horseman here. If you're already a fan of the animated "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", you'll definitely want to include this DVD in your collection. The colors are much richer than on the VHS release, and the details are understandably crisper. So even as an adult, it's totally cute and funny when you see Ichabod, Bram Bones, that little coquette Katrina, and the infamous Headless Horseman, just like you've never seen them before!

the adventures of ichabod and mr toad

Top Halloween Disney DVDs for Kids 3: Halloweentown

Suitable age: 7+

One of the most classic beloved Disney Halloween movies, it's not easy to follow all footsteps of Halloweentown, but generally good for expanding Marnie's universe. In this sequel, Marnie, finds out she's a witch with magical POWERS, together with Aggie and the friendly misunderstood monsters to save the world successfully whenever the trouble made other warlock characters. That make us realize we shouldn't judge by what you see on the outside, that's why we still feel heartwarming as the original.


Top Halloween Disney DVDs for Kids 2: The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Suitable age: 2+

Actually "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" can't count as the Disney Halloween movies, but it has so much fun and family-friendly timeless classic ABC movies, I put here because I KNEW we were officially in the Halloween season, no matter how much times we'd done reviews, its perfect editing, illustrations, music, voices, script deserves the highest possible rating, everything about his is perfect! Snoopy, nostalgia Charlie Brown and Schulz have been bringing us so unique and entertaining! In the one screen in Halloween, when Sally -- the way she pitches a fit in the pumpkin patch and says "I was robbed!" then threatens to sue Linus--so hilarious also! Again it makes me laugh till I cry! Just get this video, truly you 'll love it.


Top Halloween Disney DVDs for Kids 1: Hocus Pocus

Suitable age: 7+

Can't believe this fun and fabulous film has been putting a spell on viewers since 90's? ! Undoubtedly, it still go on the road of humor spooky stories as usual. Although kids might be a little bit scared of the dead dube, without these Monstober, Disney is not quite the kinds of watching Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus follows the revival of three witches who are from the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600s and their quest to gain not only revenge, but everlasting youth. Of course, their plot is always foiled by a group of teenagers. To me, the Disney lover, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy have been playing such memorable characters in my mind, that's why I list it as the sweetest parts of candy season.

hocus pocus

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