Halloween 2018: Top 10 Great Horror Movies List & The Best Halloween Media Converter

Two weeks away from Halloween, that means seas of Scary movies and spooky stories and specters that crawl out of your screen, are shaping up to feed the insane movie buffs, especially for who is keen to thrillers, chillers, and screamers. From suicide forests to neon demons and killer clowns, as adults can buy your own candy, the top 10 creepiest horror movies hand-picked here, which you'd list on must-see Horror Halloween Movies in 2018, can make your experience to home-theater in the night of Halloween's Day become memorable one, like "The Witch".

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Part I Which is the best Halloween Media Converter?
Part II Top great horror movies for Halloween
Part III How to convert and backup Halloween movies?

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Top Halloween 10: Before I Wake

Playing big time on childlike innocence and the horror surroundings, "Before I Wake" is about a boy ?whose dreams manifest themselves in reality as he sleeps no matter what they are good dreams or nightmare, and only it's the parents (played by Thomas Jane and Kate Bosworth) who suffer the nightmarish wrath. Directed and written by Mike Flanagan, known for Oculus (2013) and Absentia (2011), this film has ability to be great, horror fans can expect a fast-paced thriller that they won't want to miss out on.

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Top Halloween 9: Lights Out

Lights Out is a short film about a woman who is haunted by the creature only she can see when the lights go out. It's good, and one of the single best examples of simple and conventional horror films to fresh out! If you're looking for one good reason to be scared of the dark once lights go out, I can assure y this is it!

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Top Halloween 8: 31

Are you a Rob Zombie fan? If yes, then this film can show you the creepy crawlers coming out from hell to give you nightmares. For a scary movie, a goup of kidnapped carnies, who are held hostage against their will and forced, play a game called "31", promised all of the same execrable acts of violence and odious men dressed as clowns you've expected as Zombie.

31 movie

Top Halloween 7: The Conjuring 2

Based on the widespread success of the first film, The Conjuring 3, directed by James Wan, is returning to hit the supernatural thriller to the screen with another real case from the files of renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, reprised their roles by Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, reveals the one of the most terrify plots going on Lorraine Warren's career, which intrigue the highly anticipated sequel among their fans.

conjuring 2

Top Halloween 6: Goodnight Mommy

Squirming just below the appearance of "Goodnight Mommy", the nerve-shredding fresh thriller from far-flung Austria, is an almost comically predictable plot twist. The film is about twin boys play a dangerous game of make-believe that blurs the line between nightmare and reality as they start to doubt whether their mother, recovering from cosmetic surgery, is really who she says she is... But you don't go to a Halloween's midnight to have your mind blown on a movie, because your stomach would churn, your hairs put on end, your fingers forced over your eyes. And by that base criteria, this elegantly nasty little potboiler should satisfy those brave enough to brave it. They might see the big reveal coming, but that won't help them unsee the horrors leading up to it.

Top Halloween 5: Creep

While found footage reigns supreme in horror (no matter what viewers like it or not), Creep defers from the hit or miss reputation of the style by actually being worth watching. A freelance videographer, played by Patrick Brice, takes on an assignment worth $1,000 for the day from Craigslist. Filming a terminally ill soon-to-be father for a day named Josef, played by Mark Duplass, seems easy enough. Except that Josef doesn't won't let him leave. All aspects of the film from its rural mountain setting, Duplass's unsettling performance to the incredibly dark humor makes an aptly titled film one that pushes the viewer's limits.


Top Halloween 4: The Forest

Like its name, the story is based on what's referred to as the "Suicide Forest" full filled with the Japanese demons in Fuji, Japan, where Sara the British actress Natalie Dormer— know her from "Game of Thrones" and "the Hunger Games"— go to search her twins Jess, trapped and tormented by the dead haunting woods. And though the plot isn't all that revealing, the trailer is enough to build up the audience's interest and if done right, this film is going to be another 2018 must-see.

the forest

Note: the film is reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project (1999) in its suspense, but goes beyond that into more eventful, jumpy sequences, which hopefully translates into more scares for the audience.

Top Halloween 3: The Snowtown Murders

Looking for a downer of the most visceral kind? Try Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel's phenomenally bleak The Snowtown Murders, the "based on a true story" serial killer knockout about Aussie's most notorious homicidal maniac, John Bunting (a masterful Daniel Henshall). And how Jamie's life devolves into misery and bloodshed is what gives the unflinching Snowtown Murders the ability to have such a vice-like hold on your nerves, right down to the film's intensely grim final shot.

snowtown murder

Top Halloween 2: The Den

One of the hugely deserving of a Blu-ray/DVD revival and a cult following of horror fans, for its grand, The Den, writer-director Zach Donahue's more-than-meets-the-eye exercise in found-footage horror, who needs to take your patience to watch. In its early sections, the film, about a grad student (an impressive Melanie Papalia) researching the user habits of a video-chat website, suffers from lazy online weirdo caricatures. Papalia's character gets bombarded by horny dudes looking to score, and it's all one-note and hindered by hammy performances. But The Den takes an unexpectedly dark and fucked-up turn for its third act, and that's when Donahue pulls off some of the creepiest first-person POV sequences in recent memory.

the den

Top Halloween 1: The Witch

In this exquisitely made and terrifying horror movie, "The Witch" take the surprise and unpredictability as all its great features. Hardly to predict the details of the intimate and riveting story, happened in a family's frightful unraveling in the New England wilderness circa 1630, on the threat of banishment by the church, an English farmer leaves his colonial plantation, relocating his wife and five children to a remote plot of land on the edge of an ominous forest - within which lurks an unknown evil…, even it certainly have had the traditional fashion shot, you could feel the surprise without out of place. It's a good piece of work if you're fine with slower paced pictures.

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