Top Rated Yoga DVDs for Beginners, Weight Loss, Back Pain etc

Studies have shown that performing few minutes of yoga every day can help people a lot in keeping themselves completely stress-free and can help them to live longer. Walking into yoga class when you have never done it before can leave you feeling anxious and self-conscious. An easy way to overcome this is to learn the basics in the privacy of your own home by watching some of the best Yoga instructors on DVD. So, in this regard, here we will share you an amazing list of top-selling yoga DVDs, as well as an ultimate Yoga DVD ripping guide, that will guide you about performing yoga properly.

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Part I: Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs In 2017 Reviews

Part II: Best Yoga DVD Ripper Recommend

Part III: Practice Yoga anywhere with iPhone iPad Android

Part I: Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs In 2017 Reviews


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Dimo Video Convrter Ultimate, a second-to-none DVD ripping software, allows you to rip any best copy-protected Yoga DVD, fitness DVD, workout DVD, exercise DVD, DVD from Beachbody, etc to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV etc. with highest quality reserved and No.1 fasy speed for playback on Apple TV 4, Sony 4K TV, iPhone 7/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus/SE, iPad Mini 4/Air 2/Pro, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, HTC etc.

Let's start from the product number 10 of Yoga DVD. You are suggested to have a cup of tea in your hands and make yourself completely relax as the article is going to be so long.




Best Yoga Workout DVDs for Beginners

Beginners Yoga

One of the most intelligent and insightful teachers around.

– Yoga Journal

Yoga for beginners
Two full-length yoga workouts for beginners, On-screen pose training for perfect form



Best Yoga DVDs 2016 for Weight Loss & Toning

Weight Loss Yoga
It's slowly started off, meaning stretching but it builds up quickly

Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners
Weights & bands: Integrates weights and resistance band work into yoga routines to intensify the workout



Top Yoga DVDs for Flexibility & Strength

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown
Jillian Michaels, winning trainer on NBC's “The Biggest Loser,” introduces a new yoga workout unlike any other.
Power Yoga – Total Body Workout
Build strength, stamina and endurance for everything in your life with Gaiam's Power Yoga Total Body Workout DVD






Yoga DVDs for Back Pain & Stress Relief

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond
yoga for stress relief
Excessive stress in our daily lives is one of the greatest obstacles to achieving happiness, good health & well-being.
Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Practicing yoga daily, even for a short time, can be more beneficial than a long, intense practice once in a while
Yoga For Every Body
Yoga Complete for Every Body allows everyone, from the beginner to advanced students, to experience the joy, power and serenity of yoga

1. Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for beginners is another great and quality tutorial that is loved by so many people around the world and I am sure that you would love to use it as well. The product is introduced by an intelligent and insightful teacher who is mainly known for the skills she got. Yoga for beginners is a perfect way to start practicing yoga and will let you through each and every single point that will tell you why Yoga is so much important and how much beneficial it is for people. The product comes with total 8 routines to help people build strength, increase flexibility, improve their health and vitality and transform how they look and feel.

The DVD is absolutely reasonable for ordinary individuals also, so on the off chance that you are concerned of that you can't get it, then don't stress it is moderate for typical individuals too. It doesn't make a difference whether you are an apprentice or a specialist, this incredible instructional exercise can help you to take in a lot.


  • 8 different workouts
  • Tremendous amount of content
  • Key demographic for the people that want to try yoga


Need a bit more time in poses

2. Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners

Rodney Yee's Yoga For Beginner is another great guide by an amazing instructor. The instructor has shared all of his personal experience in the guide that will help you to keep yourself on the right path and you won't feel any type of difficulty while performing the Yoga. The DVD fronts point by point information about yoga and accompany 30-moment of workout instructional exercises that can without much of a stretch guide you about how to begin performing yoga works out. Indeed, by and large, the DVD fronts distinctive segments that permit individuals to take in all the vital things for beginning with yoga. 

The headings on the DVD are in truth clear, fundamental, clear, and course that if took after very much requested and fittingly will no ifs ands or buts help in the controlled improvement and mental center intrigue. The DVD comes at a direct esteem, so don't push you can without a lot of an extend get it and can start performing yoga and it doesn't have any kind of effect what is your age. 


  • Audio Selection for each program full
  • 40-minute Pose Training session
  • Two full-length yoga workouts for beginners


This DVD is way beyond beginner's level yoga


3. Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

Now you can get with the program and achieve pound-shedding results in just 6-8 weeks with the transforming power of yoga!Biggest Loser is another great Yoga guide, which is specially designed for the people who want to lose weight through Yoga and want to have a perfect body shape.

This DVD permits you to get thinner if just you put the right commitment and consistency. You get three distinct schedules that are sandwiched in the middle of a 5-minute warm-up and chill off areas. The DVD is extremely requesting and even the most experienced yogis can hope to start to sweat. The primary segment manages center quality, the second spotlights on backbends and abs, while the third is a greater amount of the standard rec center workout. In the event that you are simply beginning on yoga, Yoga For Beginners is a superior decision for you.


  • Work with consistency and dedication
  • The Workout for Weight Loss
  • A menu option


Bit difficult and challenging for beginners


4. Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners

How to lose weight? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, which is asked by a lot of people around the world. Well, here we have an all in one guide that just not helps people in reducing weight, but it also helps them to start a proper routine for performing yoga. The guide comes with 12 easy-to-follow customized routines that range from 15 to 60 minutes.

The DVD contains data that is important to comprehend fundamental of yoga, in the long run, making it less demanding, basic, down to earth and direct for specialists at the time they start honing yoga. The means in the DVD, more or less, are not hard to comprehend and perform.


  • Yoga with Weights
  • DVD allows you to choose from 12 amazing and easy-to-follow customized routines
  • Routine sections included


This is more like aerobics than yoga


5. Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Here we have the best of the best by a well-known instructor who is known as the Jillian Michaels. She is been working for so many years and have gone really successful in providing their users with what they actually need. The DVD is finished with direction to both novices and for experts. The DVD does not take the longer time on the off chance that you are proficient in light of the fact that the DVD keep going for a considerable length of time which practically everybody can without much of a stretch oversee.

The DVD has been isolated into sessions to make it more straightforward for apprentices and for the individuals who have little time for yoga.


  • Combining hard-core yoga power poses
  • Dynamic training techniques
  • Real weight-loss results fast


A warm-up and cooldown


6. Power Yoga – Total Body Workout

Power Yoga is another great guide, that is used by so many people around the world and they all love using it and I am sure that after watching the guide for once you will start loving it as well. Now, it's time for you to Build strength, stamina, and endurance for everything in your life. If you are from those people who are suffering a lot from stress and other depression problems? Then you are at the right place as here we have discussed an amazing guide that will help you to develop an amazing healthy habit of yours.

This DVD has been shot in an unwinding area disregarding the sandy shorelines of the Pacific Ocean. It offers sessions that will help you manage stretch, tone muscles, enhance adaptability and fabricate quality. It has been separated into two 30-minute sessions, the hatha and the stream session. The hatha session builds your adaptability and diminishes push. The stream session helps you construct stamina and quality. It is an extraordinary approach to loosen up following an occupied and distressing day at work.


  • Build strength, stamina
  • Endurance for everything
  • Challenging yoga sequence


Can be repetitive or boring at times


7. Yoga for Beginners & Beyond

Here we have another great product, which is specially designed for the beginners. Well, if you are starting yoga, then you be aware that, it cost so much pain while starting, but don't worry as here we have an amazing guide that will guide you each and everything about yoga without letting yourself to feel too much pain. The product comes with 3 DVDs and has 40 routines on different physical and mental health. Don't worry as the guide has covered each and every single thing related to the basic of the Yoga and will take you to the advance. I would suggest you keep yourself with the routine of the guide if you want to feel completely change in yourself.

This yoga DVD was discharged into the market in 2006 and it was coordinated by Michael Wohl and highlighted by on-screen character Barbara Benagh. The DVD contains a significant number of urgent anxiety easing tips, which will help you to adequately dispose of stress and upgrade your life. Also, it will help you to think all the more hopefully and in addition manage your negative mental, enthusiastic and physical issues.


  • Over 40 routines for a wide range of needs
  • Routines from 15 – 60 minutes
  • Modifications of poses for less-flexible people


The instruction is not the best


8. Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for stress relief is another great guide by an amazing instructor that I am sure you would love to follow. If you are looking up to hire a personal trainer for yourself, then I would suggest you to consider going with this great guide as I am sure that you won't be needing any kind of instructor after watching the tutorials. Well, everyone wants to achieve a perfect and a completely calm life, but not everyone is capable of achieving it, but since yoga came to our life it has helped us a lot in reducing our stress up to 60%.

The educator in the DVD guides viewers in a neighborly and not weight environment which makes it more appealing to the overall clients.


  • Excessive stress in our daily lives
  • Greatest obstacles to achieving happiness
  • YOGA for Stress Relief


Too many detractors for stress relief


9. Shiva Rea: Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Here we have another great Yoga DVD guide which has been used by so many beginners and the guide have gone really successful in providing people with exactly what they need and I really appreciate that. The guide offers seven 20-minutes of practice that allow users to make let them entertain themselves with the best Yoga practice. 

The DVD is absolutely moderate, which implies that on the off chance that you have a place with a normal family and need to keep up your wellbeing, then you can purchase this DVD as it doesn't be excessively expensive. The DVD is truly simple to take after.


  • Restore energy, strength
  • Balance every day with world-renowned yoga exercise
  • Intense practice once in a while


Not recommended for beginners


10. Yoga For Every Body

The yoga for every day is a great DVD tutorial that covers each and every single thing on guiding their students about Yoga. The guide comes with step by step tutorial that allows users to keep themselves on the right track while performing Yoga. The instructor have explained each and every single step completely briefly, so you won't feel any type of difficulty while following any step. Now it's time for you to Get into shape, relieve stress, become stronger and more flexible & increase energy.

This DVD is composed in such way that anybody can essentially take after and can enhance his/her wellbeing. For only a couple of dollars, you'll get an entire and a capable DVD that can change your life. The DVD is outfitted with new functional and exceptionally creative strategies and is useful in making body thin and savvy and assists in getting more fit with the restoration of the whole arrangement of the body.


  • AM and PM practices
  • Back and neck pain, including headaches
  • Stress Relief


This DVD is more downward facing dog


Part II: Best Yoga DVD Ripper Recommend

When you want to watch a Yoga DVD movie, you need first go through a pile of DVD sleeves to find the one you need, take out the DVD disc from the sleeve and insert it into your DVD player. But sometimes, the DVD player rejects to play it saying that it is scratched and cannot be read any more. It is irritating, right? In fact, you can avoid this problem by making backup and copy them to your computer to prevent them from being scratched, and manage them in a more convenient way.

It is never an easy task to make backup of Yoga DVD movie, as most of them are protected with latest encryption technology which prevents them from being copied or ripped. To fix this problem, we need to find powerful DVD copy software that is able to remove encryption to create Yoga DVD backups, or convert to popular video formats.

Dimo Video Converter Ultimate is just one of the best Yoga DVD converters. With it, you can fast convert Yoga DVDs to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, VOB, MP3, OGG, WMA, etc. for playing and sharing anywhere you like. If you want to convert Yoga DVD movies for playback on your portable device, this DVD ripping software is undoubtedly the best choice. You just need to select the device as the output format and you can rip DVD to fit your device without further settings. If you are Mac users, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. Now just download it and follow the steps below.

people have downloaded it

Part III: Practice Yoga anywhere with iPhone iPad Android

Here we would like to introduce you convenient way to copy your Yoga DVD disc to various storage media, including copy DVD movie with original chapter structure to video_ts folder, backup DVD to multi-track MKV and rip DVD to regular video formats to fit your iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

Note: This guide uses DVD Ripper for Windows (Including Windows 10) screenshots. The way to rip Yoga disc on Mac is almost the same.

How to convert Yoga DVD movies to video/audio files for iPhone iPad Android

Step 1. Import DVD movie

Insert the Yoga disc into your computer's DVD-ROM and run the Yoga DVD Ripper. Click "Load DVD" and import your DVD movies. You can also add DVD folders, ISO image files to convert. After the DVD has been loaded, you can select the desired audio tracks for output. Apart from ripping Yoga DVD, it can also copy new Blu-ray discs or download and convert online workout videos.

Yoga DVD Ripper

Step 2. Choose output format

Click "Select Format" bar and select the output video/audio format you like. You can either choose MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. as the output format or select the icon of a device/software to get videos with optimized settings for a certain device/software like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

Tip: Before conversion, you can go to the "Settings" to set the parameters for your movie. To compress the file size, adjust the parameters to be smaller.

MP4 video settings

Step 3. Start ripping Yoga DVD

Click the "Start" button to start the Yoga DVD ripping process. After the conversion completes, you can click "Open" to get the ripped media files. After that, you can share and enjoy your Yoga movies on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. anywhere you want them.

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