Convert WAV to MP3 for Google Music with ease

WAV is the standard audio format used for CD, which usually saved audio data in a 44.1 KHz, 16-bit and stereo format. It is seen mainly on Windows computers, however, it is not a compatible audio format with Google Musice. Have you been struggling in the past to put WAV to Google Music? Here is the solution.

Put WAV to Google Music

What Audio Formats does Google Music Support?

If you're using Music Manager or Google Play Music for Chrome to upload music to your library, here are the types of files you can upload.

Supported file type Notes about supported file type
MP3 (.mp3)  
AAC (.m4a) Files are converted to the same bitrate (quality) .mp3 files
WMA (.wma) Can be uploaded using the Windows version of Music Manager, not Google Play Music for Chrome
FLAC (.flac) 16 and 24-bit mono or stereo files supported
Files are converted to 320 kbps .mp3 files
OGG (.ogg) Files are converted to the same bitrate (quality) .mp3 files
DRM protected AAC (.m4p) Some .m4p files can't be uploaded
Files are converted to the same bitrate (quality) .mp3 files
ALAC (.m4a) 16-bit files supported
Files are converted to 320 kbps .mp3 files

Note: Each music file can be up to 300 MB. When a file is converted to an MP3, the 300 MB limit applies to the converted MP3 file.

Foolproof Steps to Convert WAV to Google Music

In order to upload WAV to Google Music and play vitually anywhere, the direct and effective approach is to convert WAV to Google Music friendly audio formats with a powerful WAV to Google Music converter. Here Dimo Video Converter Ultimate make your dreams come true.

It's a first-rate and one-stop program providing a dual optimal solution for video and audio conversion with a remarkable processing speed. If you have a high requirement for audio quality, it's advisable to convert WAV files to ALAC .m4a. In contrast, if you prefer to smaller file size rather than quality, MP3 is the perfect fit for your choice. Google Music support up to 320kbps MP3 music, which, in my opinion, is good enough to listen to. No matter what your needs, this WAV audio converter from Dimo will work like a charm. Mac version is Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. Both are compatible with latest macos Sierra. Free download and install this software on your PC, then follow the simple instruction below.

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How to convert WAV to MP3 for Google Music

Step 1: Import WAV files

Click "Add File" icon. The standard dialog appears. Select .wav file(s) from its folder and import into the WAV converter. Or directly drag-and-drop files into the center of this WAV to MP3 converter. You can also load other type of video or audio clips to rip to MP3 file like AC3, FLAC, MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, MOV, VOB, Tivo, FLV, etc.. A thumbnail of the newly added MAV clip will appear in the project area, as well as other basic information (file name, length, resolution), see screenshot below.

WAV audio converter

Step 2: Choose conversion format - MP3

Now choose your output format by clicking "Select Format" drop-down on the bottom of the window, and then choose MP3 from "Format > Audio" category as output file type.

MP3 audio format

You can then adjust its quality properties using the "Settings" option. After the window open, move to Audio parameter section and tweak any set of values controlling the MP3 quality such as: sample rate, channel, audio bitrate. Keep in mind that the higher bitrates, the better the sound but result in larger size. Here you are suggested to change the bitrate to 320 kbps, which is the highest supported format by Google Music. The default bit rate would be 128 kbps that is generally acceptable for most users.

MP3 audio settings

Step 3: Start Converting WAV to MP3 audio

When you have made your selection, simply click the corresponding "Start" button on the bottom right corner and the WAV to MP3 conversion will be done automatically. A conversion bar will show you how fast the app works and where the current progress and total progress is. When WAV to MP3 conversion finished, use the official Google Music Manager and log in your Google Music account to upload high quality MP3 files to Google Music for storage and share.

Extended Knowledge

1. About WAV

WAV is an audio file format. It's a Resource Interchange File Format standard and stores data in pieces. WAV is the main audio format used for unprocessed audio on the Windows platform.

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2. About Google Music

Google Music comes with more than 13 millions of popular songs. It lets you store additional 20000 songs besides your purchased ones. Furthermore, it saves 320kbps high quality tracks and lets you share your favorite music with friends on Google+ instantly.

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