Dimo Video Converter Ultimate Review

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Dimo Video Converter Ultimate helps more than 30 000 000 people for converting and sharing their favorite videos. Many amazing functions are added to the newest software. See the feedback from our customers:

  • jmezzo jmezzo

    Such cutting edge software

    I enjoy your software. It helps library my movies onto a drive. The format selections are terrific considering the devices I have. It works equally as well for my media player. I am certainly glad that such cutting edge software is available. Thanks!

  • George Ramos George Ramos

    Really powerful!

    This tool does everything for video I could ever want. I dump my camcorder videos to my PC, drag them into VCU, edit, adjust video settings, find the right output format—and I’ve got great looking video to share in a snap.

  • Jameswhite Jameswhite

    Easy to handle

    Works fast on my computer, it's so nice to have so many output formats.

  • Irene Irene

    Surprised with the price

    After going through features and checking out the trial version of this video converter, what has surprised me that how such a product is available so low price at FB.

  • Henrietta Henrietta

    Great multimedia converter

    Using this media converter now I can enjoy any audio/video files on any device with the help of such a great multimedia converter.

  • Mavrick Mavrick

    Leave high rating for you

    Usually I am not this generous while leaving rating for any product but this extraordinary media converter has insisted me to do so

  • Midge Midge

    Such handy for me

    I have never imagined this product will be such handy for me on my client's project. Hope my other clients consider it as well.

  • Becky Becky

    great app

    Easy to use. At first, I use it to convert videos; later, i found it is amazing in downloading online videos. Thanks a lot. I love it.

  • Kerriann Kerriann

    Stop Looking; This is what You want

    Easy to use; works great! Only way to make it better is to connect directly to my TIVO(s)

  • Emily Emily

    Really cool way

    That's a really cool way of using it!

  • Fleta Fleta

    Great answer for my problem

    That hits the target dead point! Great answer!

  • Jessica Jessica

    I like it

    Luckily, Dimo Video Converter Ultimate solved all my video incompatibility issues. I like it!

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