5 Free VR Players to Play VR content on PC/Mac/iOS/Android

The boom of VR is visible. To watch VR video content at home, there are several requirements. As to hardware, you need a VR headset like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, etc., a PC, Mac or a smartphone, and even a swivel chair because you need spin 360 degree while watching VR media, and put it in an ample place to keep you from being hurt while spinning. Then prepare your VR content. And at last, on the software side, you need a VR video player. Now take this opportunity to choose from the top 5 Free VR players for PC/Mac/Mobile below, which can not only be used to watch 360 or 3D Videos but you can even watch your 2D Movies video clips on VR Glasses.

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Top 5 Free VR Video Players to play VR content on PC/Mac/iOS/Android

1. Homido 360 VR Player

OS/Device: iPhone/iPad running on iOS 7.1 or later, Android

Homido 360 VR Player

Homido turns your smartphone into the ultimate Virtual Reality device. It is for use with the Homido HMD headset. It can not only play VR, 2D Videos alongside 360 Side By Side formats, but also tries to project normal 2D Videos as 360 videos if the option is selected. Besides, this Homido VR Player also contains an inbuilt web browser thus, you can even browse Internet in your VR Glasses or Cardboard. Also, you can record SBS videos from your headset.

Click here to Download Homido 360 VR Player from Google Play.
Click here to Download Homido 360 VR Player from iTunes Store.


– 360° spherical video player: 360/ Cylinder/Flat display options
– Side-by-side web browser: 1st of its kind (Youtube compatible)
– Easy-nav handsfree navigation: head tracking clicking system
– Side-by-side video player: conversion on the go of any video
– Video recorder: record videos from your HMD headset in side-by-side mode

Limitations: As the inputs to Homido are given through had tracking the users are required to have gyro sensor in their phone.

2. VR Player

OS/Device: Android 4.1 or higher

VR Player

VR Player Free is a free an easy to use VR Player which can play various VR Video formats. You can use it to Play 2D, 3D SBS , 3D Top/Bottom Videos. and even 360°LIVE streams on your Android phone. There are several methods of projections which are present in the player like Dome, Sphere, cube etc which gives users 360 degree theatre experience right on your Smartphone.

Click here to Download VR Player Free from Google Play.


- Support 2D/3D photos and videos
- Supported formats: mono, side-by-side, over/under
- Read local files or call up remote URL's
- Stream in 360° events live.
- Activate voice commands
- Gamepad and keyboard supports
- Subtitles support (.srt and .smi format)
- Ambient lighting effects

Limitations: For optimal experience you are required to get VR adapter for your phone.

3. AAA VR Cinema app

OS/Device: Android 4.1 or higher

AAA VR Cinema

AA VR cinema gives a variety of playback options to play normal as well as 360 3D VR Videos. The best thing about this VR player is the head tracking system. It is the most appreciated feature among the users. It is a great technology because the player tracks the drift movements of your head. Thus, you can watch VR videos even without Gyroscope sensor if you have AAA VR Cinema app which is simply great.

Click here to Download AAA VR Cinema for Android from Google Play.


- Unlimited video length supported
- Superview 180° VR
- 180o Head Tracking: Side-by-side stereo 180° VR
- 360o 3D: Left and Right eye 360 movie for a full 3D VR experience
- Side-by-side stereo 3D movie
- Top-bottom stereo 3D movie
- 360° panorama video
- Subtitle file (.srt) is supported. A *.SRT file in same folder/filename as movie file will be used.
- Play, Pause, Forward and Rewind - Graphics options is added. Black out or vertical strip on some devices will be fixed by disabling "distortion correction".

Limitations: This player only supports MOV, MP4 and M4V format. Ask for a top 3D video converter to help if your source videos are not supported.

4. Mobile VR Station

OS/Device: iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8.1 or later

Mobile VR Station

With the free Mobile VR Station, you can view content from a different perspective. Instead of viewing photos or videos on your mobiles small 2D flat screen, enter our virtual environment, where your content will be presented on a large customizable display.

Click here to Download Mobile VR Station Free from iTunes store.


- Works with every headset, very flexible configuration
- Watch movies in a virtual theater
- Watch 3D 180 Degree content.
- Explore 360/Spherical movies (Great for demos).
- Experience 3D content (Left/Right, Right/Left and Top/Bottom).
- See your device's photos & videos in a new way.
- View panoramas with some depth.
- Access external video content with UPNP.
- Watch HTML5 Video from Mobile Safari with Micro VR Station extension.

Limitations: This player supports three formats only, namely MOV, MP4 and M4V. If your video format is excluded, you need a 3D video conversion.

5. Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player

OS/Device: Windows, Mac

Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player

The Total Cinema 360 Desktop Player lets you watch live action 360 videos on Windows and Mac. The Desktop Player is optimized to play 360 videos on virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift. In addition, it also supports Android, iOS, MAC OS as well as on Windows 10/8/7. Plus, it can be used to watch VR videos on the web, making it more interesting to use with a very cheap price.

Click here to Download Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player Free on desktop.


- Works seamlessly on PC/Mac to experience the optimized live-action 360°videos with VR headsets like Oculus Rift.
- Supports 4K 360 VR videos, delivering immersive feelings for viewers together with the Rift.
- Provides VR 360 contents constantly

Limitatioin: The free version of the Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player is no longer being updated and supported. Does not work with Oculus SDK version 0.7 or higher.

Best VR Media Converter & Server

HTC Vive video converter

Sometimes you could not directly play the VR movie downloads in MP4, FLV, WebM on your VR device due to formats reasons. (Note that VR headsets have requirements on the formats, eg. Oculus Rift supports MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, 3D SBS and Gear VR supports MP4, AVI, and FLV, 3D SBS). To solve any VR video not playing problems, this VR video converter will rip Blu-ray/DVD and convert 2D/3D movie format like MKV, AVI, MP4, MXF, MPG, FLV, VOB, 3GP, TS, RMVB, WTV, WebM, MTS, M2TS, etc to VR heasdets supported 3D effect video format like Top-Bottom, Side-by-Side 3D MP4 and MKV.

Once you start the 2D videos to Gear VR/Oculus Rift/VR One/HTC ViVe/Google Cardboard, etc conversion, you can soon get your output files cause its fast conversion speed. To enhance and personalize your movies like trimming, cropping, adding special effect or watermark are also allowed. In addition, it can wireless share converted videos to play the videos on VR headsets via smartphone. Here is the detailed guide shows you how to create side-by-side 3D video for VR headsets in details.

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