Top 10 Christian Movies and Songs for Kids to Watch in Easter

People love movies and songs, let alone kids. We love the sights, the sounds, the stories, the characters—we love the power a movie or a song has to transport us to another place or another time. We love the way a movie or a song can help us forget what we're struggling with or help us process what we're dealing with. Especially for the movies and songs with Christian themes, they are among some of the best movies all the time and have the benefit of being wholesome family entertainment. Therefore it's crucial that you immerse your kids in media that teaches positive values. Here are top 10 Christian movies and songs for kids that will do just that by free download from the torrents or DVD ripping.

Best Christian movies and songs

➤ Part 1 Top Christian songs for kids with family

➤ Part 2 Top Christian movies for kids

Top 10 Christian songs and movies for kids with family in Easter season

Is there Christian songs and movies specifically for kids with family party at Easter night? I don't think that there is anything sweeter than the sound of a little child singing about Jesus. And there are lots of Christian CDs and DVDs available that will soothe infants and be the delight of any toddlers or young child's day, which Christian music and movies made up of teens and tweens deliver sweet tunes and positive anime movies idols that their peers will not only love, but learn about uplifting themes and positive messages abound in these titles.

While not the most expansive of holidays, Easter still has several terrific films to its name. Are you looking to witness the last trails of Jesus? Perhaps you'd prefer something lighter for the children? Either way, here are the top 10 movies and songs for Christians to watch this Easter.

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Part I Top Christian songs for kids with family

1. Deep And Wide

This song is sung with actions and each verse replaces one more word with "hmmm", yet you still do the action, like this:

Deep (one hand above the other with arms stretched up and down)
and wide (arms stretched wide apart)
there's a fountain (arms motion like a fountain)
flowing deep (same motion of arms stretched up and down)
and wide (same motion with arms stretched wide apart)

Next verse replace "deep" with "hmmm" continuing all motions, and so on.

2. Only A Boy Named David

I must say of all the songs I ever led for Bible school, this is the one that the kids loved the best! They can imagine a little boy using a sling shot to kill a giant. Actions for the words follow the lyrics. Leave lots of room for the kids to swing their sling shot (imaginary, of course)

3. Rise & Shine 

This was one we sang at every Girl Scout overnight camping trip that we had. It would always begin with the Leader singing it early in the morning when it was time to awake. This song is also known as "The Arky Arky Song" and "Children of the Lord".

4. Getty Music

Keith and Kristyn Getty have released one children's album titled Songs that Jesus Said. As you can discern from the title, it focuses on the words and the teachings of Christian Jesus. It has lots of fun, catchy tunes that the kids enjoy. If you've seen the Getty's live, you may have seen them set some of these to actions.

5. Judy Rogers

My family grew up listening to the music of Judy Rogers–at least my sisters did, since I think my parents discovered her after I was already a bit too old. Her albums are quiet and acoustic and focus on simple, biblical truths. Go to the Ant focuses on Proverbs, Why Can't I See God helps children think systematically about biblical truth while Walking Wise turns to the Bible's wisdom literature. I am not familiar with her newer albums. These albums are probably best for young children up to age twelve or so.

Part II Top Christian movies for kids

6. Veggie Tales

top christian movies 1

Veggie Tales is an animated Christian series of kids DVDs from Big Idea Productions. This high quality, extremely successful series presents Christian values with humor and plenty of imagination.

While adapting Bible stories for the screen, Big Idea is careful to keep the central messages of Scripture. Everything else is uniquely changed to bring the tales to life. The best feature is how much fun they are to watch, not just for kids, and not just for Christians.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia

top christian movies 2

Kids of all ages love to enter the enchanting world of Narnia with talking animals, mythical creatures, and heroic battles between good and evil. High-quality performances and special effects bring these classic and timeless tales of C.S. Lewis to life. Your whole family will enjoy these beloved DVDs for annual Christian Easter festival.


8. Adventures in Odyssey

top christian movies 2

Focus on the Family presents Adventures in Odyssey, an exciting entertainment series that brings moral and biblical principles to life for kids to know the Christian spirits. Memorable characters and fun situations are specifically designed to spark the imaginations of children ages 8 to 12, yet still capture the interest of the entire family.

Since your kids will enjoy these stories over and over, they are great for reinforcing core values and developing strong character on their growing-up journey.


9. Risen

top christian movies 4

A recent addition to the list, Risen takes a rather creative approach to the events surrounding Easter. Instead of retelling the story of Christ and his disciples, Risen follows a Roman Centurion who is charged by Pontius Pilate to investigate the disappearance of Jesus' body and quell a Jewish uprising. As the search leads him across Jerusalem and into the path of Christ's disciples, the truth behind the mystery proves even more fantastic than he imagined. By viewing the resurrection through the eyes of an outside, Risen brings new life to a familiar narrative.


10. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

top christian movies 5

Sometimes you just need a movie to help you smile, and who better to do that than Snoopy and the Peanuts gang? In its 12th prime-time television outing, Linus tries to convince his friends that the Easter Beagle will make a holiday appearance when he arrives on Sunday morning. Given his previous tale about the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and company are more than a little skeptical. Thankfully, everyone's favorite puppy decides to step in and save the day!


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