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She's beautiful, talented and has a lot to say - of course we could only be talking about the amazing Taylor Swift. She's not afraid to put herself out there for the world to see and is always wearing a smile on her face. Taylor's songs are not more than hits on the radio, they are messages that can inspire and change lives. Therefore, "Taylor Swift songs download" are everywhere after the album release. We don't recommend illegal Taylor Swift songs download, but here a 100% safe and clean URL video/music downloader can walk you through Taylor Swift songs MP3/MP4 download. Now read this article to learn how to download best Taylor Swift music video online with blistering speed, including Bad Blood, Shake It Off, Tell Me Why, Love Story" and more!


Top Taylor Swift Songs/Music Downloader

Top Taylor Swift Songs/Music Downloader - 100% Safe

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Part 1: List of Taylor Swift Songs You Should Download

Part 2: Download Taylor Swift Songs with the best online Music Video Downloader

Part 3: How to Download Taylor Swift Songs from YouTube, Vevo, etc. 300+ Sites

Part 1: List of Taylor Swift Songs You Should Download

From her beginnings as a country artist to her reign as a global pop star, Taylor Swift has become one of the defining artists of this century -- and that's in large part thanks to her masterful song craft. Each era of the singer-songwriter's career has included intricate, instantly memorable musical moments that it's difficult to narrow down the best of the best to just 15. Yet these songs represent Taylor at the top of her game, whether it be through an extended heartbreak anthem or hilarious declaration of independence. Here are top 10 picks for the best Taylor Swift songs, from her self-titled debut through 1989.

1. "You Belong With Me" from "Fearless"

Throughout the twists and turns of her career, Swift has changed sounds, collaborators, personas and approaches, but has not -- and perhaps will never -- eclipse the magnificence of "You Belong With Me." Credit the song's simplicity, echoing the thematic concept of "Teardrops on My Guitar" but amplifying the high school heartache and polishing the hook so that it never floats back down after leaving the ground. There are so many things to love within "You Belong With Me," from the high heels/sneakers dichotomy to that double handclap during the bridge, but more than anything, it's quintessential Taylor, the ultra-relatable protagonist who can sum up complex feelings in a vocal run or quick turn-of-phrase. "You Belong With Me" has been her defining song for years, and that's because it's her best.

2. "Shake It Off" from "1989"

Although it's incredibly catchy, "Shake It Off" is extremely annoying. I do enjoy Swift's ability to poke fun at herself, but the bridge of this song just throws me off completely, literally and figuratively. Some positive notes: The video marked the debut of Swift's iconic lob, and she looks stunning in the all-black ensemble near the end. Plus, her dancing is priceless and makes the video totally deserving of being one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time.


3. "Mean" from "Speak Now"

Simply put, a pitch-perfect rebuke of bullying. The Speak Now single posits that living well is indeed the best revenge, as Swift bashes her early detractor by predicting that her future is bright, while their future only contains minor victories (and a huge helping of meanness). Swift sings "Mean" in first person, but it's not really for her -- this is a song for people who feel belittled and beaten down by others, who look to someone like Swift for uplift and assurance. "Mean" is designed to shout along with cathartically, and it succeeds.


4. "Love Story" from "Fearless"

It takes guts to name a song something as bold and straightforward as "Love Story," but Swift's breakthrough single makes good on the "story" part of the equation by unfolding a modern-day parable that somehow never slips over the edge into full-on cheese. Perhaps it's the earnestness of Swift's performance as a heroine searching for an escape route with her Prince Charming and finally realizing that reality can make room for their tale. Out of the millions of love stories in the history of pop music, "Love Story" stands out.


5. "Bad Blood" from "1989"

SPEAKING OF… despite its immense popularity, "Bad Blood" just doesn't do it for me. The song is rumored to be about Katy Perry, and for someone who has spent so much time and effort publicly assembling an empowering female friend group, it seems counterproductive for Swift to pit so many women against one "Teenage Dream" of a human being. And as for that video -- starring said empowering female friend group -- its flashy production falls flatter than Swift's character's heinous red wig. Kendrick Lamar does add some light to this black hole of a song on the remix, but it's still a hard nope in my book.

6. "Back to December" from "Speak Now"

Sometimes, it's terrifyingly hard to realize how good we once had it. Imagine then putting that into a song. Swift wasn't satisfied with just numbers and colors; December is now a month we all go back to and remember all the time. We're hoping for more heartfelt Swift apologies in the near future (*cough* Calvin Harris *cough*).




7. "Our Song" from "Taylor Swift"

What if Swift had resisted the allure of pop music and committed to a lifetime of fiddle-filled country jams? We'll never know the answer, but "Our Song" is a gloriously twangy testament to what Taylor once was, before her lyrical ability to find music in everyday life was translated to a different genre. Here, the bubbly words give way to the lush arrangement, which encapsulates the exuberance of first experiencing the world with a romantic partner.


8. "Sparks Fly" from "Speak Now"

I had this song stuck in my head while writing this entire ranking. The track is full of passion, young love, and superb metaphors. Best unfortunately honest lyric: "My mind forgets to remind me you're a bad idea."





9. "Tell Me Why" from "Fearless"

Swift calls her lover out on his stubborn behavior. While she's usually extremely proficient in doing this, she seems to run out of lyrics in this song.





10. "Everything Has Changed" from "Red"

I love love love Sheeran and Swift's friendship, but this was not what I was hoping for when the duo decided to pair up on a song. On a positive note, the video is pretty adorable.





Part 2: Download Taylor Swift Songs with the best online Music Video Downloader

Find you loved Swift songs here? Take it easy if not. Sure that there are many other songs by Taylor Swift that you think amazing. Admittedly, all the Swift songs are so good and the above is a just a part. Can hardly wait to get those Taylor Swift video songs download now? Want to offline enjoy Taylor Swift music video again and again but without the buffering every single time? Want to download Taylor Swift songs in MP3 HD MP4 video to play in iPhone iPad Android on the move?

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Part 3: How to Download Taylor Swift Songs from YouTube, Vevo, etc. 300+ Sites

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Step 1. On your browser, open the Taylor Swift music video or MP3 songs you'd like to download and copy its URL.

Note: In addition to download HD Taylor Swift video songs MP3 MP4, you can actually fast download songs from other artists like Adele, Iggy Azalea Team, Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj, Beyonce, Linkin Park, etc. or workout songs in MP3 as well as HD music videos, full movie, HD trailers, clips etc with this Taylor Swift video song downloader.

Step 2. Download and run this neat and fast Taylor Swift songs downloader. Click "Downloader" tab and paste the URL into the address bar of the downloader

Step 3. Press "..." to specify where you are saving the video you are downloading. Then click "+" to download your favorite Taylor Swift music video from YouTube, Vevo, SoundCloud, etc. on your Mac, and when it is done, you can go ahead and play it on your VLC, QuickTime, 8K Player, etc..

Step 4. After you download Swift video songs in MP4 HD or MP3, you may sometimes want the Taylor Swift songs in more video formats to put them to your mobile devices, or directly download Taylor Swift videos as your phone ringtone. So you can click "Convert" after the downlading process, choose audio formats including MP3, iPhone M4R ringtone, AAC, AC3, etc, video formats like FLV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc, or iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, Galaxy, etc as output and press "Convert" to easily get downloaded Taylor Swift converted into desired format or devices. After conversion, start sharing converted files to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android for plaback wirelessly with Free Dimo Media Server.

Notice: DimoSoft doesn't advocate any reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast or sell any content for any other purposes without prior written permission of YouTube or the respective licensors of the content. Please refer to YouTube terms of service before doing so.


Taylor Swift Songs/Music MP3 MP4 Video Downloader

Taylor Swift Songs/Music MP3 MP4 Video Downloader

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