8K Player for Mac User Guide


With more and more films and movie content are available in the Blu-ray Disc, you may need an all-inclusive Blu-ray media player software for Mac, which can be the perfect complement to an HDTV, turning your family room into a true home theater. As a multi-functional Mac media player software program, 8K Player for Mac (Blu-ray Power) provides comprehensive solutions for you to playback Blu-ray, DVD, ISO files, common video, HD video and audio files on Mac (OS High Sierra) smoothly.

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> Brief Introduction

8K Player for Mac comprises of region-free Blu-ray/DVD/ISO player, free HD video player (including 4K and 1080P), and free audio player. As a multifunctional Mac media player, it could remove disc protection and region code restriction, so as to play Blu-ray disc with AACS, BD+, and the latest MKB protection, and CSS-DVD discs. It could play back all Blu-ray and DVD discs in the market from various movie studios, even they're just released. It even supports Dolby Digital and DTS-HD for 7.1 surround sound audio. With full navigation system, it provides excellent user-friendly media player control so as to enhance movie experience. 


Play Source Media Files

As the best Mac media player software, 8K Player for Mac offers you extremely easy to use interface to play various media files on Mac. The below Blu-ray Player for Mac user guide would show you how to use 8K Player for Mac to play movies on Mac in detail. 

What is needed:

a. An external Blu-ra/DVD drive is necessary. Just connect it to your Mac via USB. 
b. Download and install 8K Player for Mac (Blu-ray Power) software on your Mac. 
c. You need to get well-connected Internet so that the play could analyze the discs.

How to use 8K Player for Mac to load source media files 

On the main interface of 8K Player for Mac, you could see up to 3 optional boxes to add your source media files: 

1. How to play Blu-ray/DVD discs

If you want to play Blu-ray/DVD disc, insert your disc into the disc drive, click "Open Bluray" or "Open DVD" button, then click the box with the disc name you've inserted and confirm to load Blu-ray disc. 

Open Bluray

2. How to play Blu-ray/DVD folder 

a. Download and install 8K Player for Mac (Blu-ray Power) on your computer. 

b. After launching the program, click "Open Bluray" or "Open DVD" and find the Blu-ray folder on your local disc. Click Open and load it to the Player.

c. After loading, you will be shown the menu interface. Choose the audio track and subtitle you prefer, then click Main Movie to start playing the movie. 

3. How to play ISO file 

Double click the ISO file, then you can operate the same way as playing Blu-ray/DVD disc. 


Movie Playback Settings

Now enjoy endless Full HD 1080p entertainment with 8K Player for Mac.

1. Video Playback Control

Various playback control operations are included:

a. Click "Stop" button to pause playing, while clicking "Play" button to continue playing.

b. You can adjust the screen size of this Player by adjusting the playback frame.

c. Click "Fast-forward" button for fast forward in up to 10 times or "Back-forward" button for back forward in half.

d. Click the Mute button to mute playback, or slide the adjuster limiter to adjust audio volume.

e. Click "maximize" or "minimize" to start/quit full-screen playback.

f. Moreover, click the "Snapshot" button to take your favorite pictures and these pictures will be found effortlessly.

2. Set subtitles or audio tracks

A few options will prompt out by right clicking the video like the options are including Audio, Subtitle and Titles. A satisfactory audio track or subtitle track can be selected from the menu to watch movies in familiar language.


Other Customization Options

There are more exclusive functions on "Navigation panel" at the bottom of the player interface during playing.

1. Loop

If you like some video or want to view certain thing on a practice video in detail you always use the fantastic feature - loop. You can loop whole video or section of video with 8K Player for Mac. 


2. Add Bookmark

You make bookmarks to indicate your movie interests with 8K Player for Mac. Use bookmarks as a way to jump to a specific movie everyday by making your movie plan. 

Add Bookmark

3. Screen Recording

Texts and images cannot explain certain things intuitively, but videos can. 8K Player for Mac will be used as a worry-free Mac screen recorder to let you to record entire screen from videos, games, web cams, etc. and even make video tutorials for broadcasting online.


4. Create GIF

Speaking out your love, 8K Player for Mac can generate your animated digital art, or create GIF from your favorite videos on Mac instantly. Get creative to light your spirit up by clicking "Output GIF".

Create GIF

5. Check History

What's more, click the "Check History" button to return to recent viewed point as you like.

Check History

8K Player for Mac gets very simple to use interface, but offers quite abundant functions to fully meet your needs. Just take a trial and explore more fun!