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Q1: What to do if I found the registration code is invalid?

A1: The following possibilities may result in an Invalid Registration Code message.

1. The software you are registering is NOT the software you've purchased. Make sure the registration code is for the software you're registering.

2. You upgraded the software, but using an old registration code

Usually, the registration code you received from us is only valid for the very version you've purchased. If you downloaded and installed the latest version, you should go to contact us to retrieve the registration code for the latest version if you purchased the lifetime version.

3. The registration code doesn't match the version

The registration code you've received from us can only be used to register the latest version of the software. Ensure you've downloaded the software from the Download URL provided in the registration e-mail.

How to check the version of the software

Start the software, go to About in the file menu bar, and you'll see the version there.

4. Wrong spelling of your licensed e-mail address or registration code

Both licensed e-mail and registration code are case sensitive. You're recommended to copy and paste them into the proper text field in the registration window. It's not a good idea to type it manually.

If you do it all correctly but failed to register the software successfully, kindly send the screenshot of the registration window to our customer support team.

Q2: How to retrieve the registration code?

A2: If one of the following happen to you:

You didn't receive the registration code promptly;
You can't register the software successfully;
You lost your registration code after re-installed your computer;
Other reasons...

You're able to get the registration information through our Retrieve Registration Code using your Licensed email or Order number.

If you've lost your licensed email or the order number, or they are not recognized by our system, feel free to contact us for help.

Note: To get fast response, please included the Order Number and/or the email you use to purchase our product, or attach the confirmation email sent from the payment platform (share-it). This will help us find your order quickly.

Q3: I have paid for the program, but why is it still showing as unregistered?

A3: 1. Make sure you activate the program with your licensed e-mail and registration code. After registration, the program will be registered as a full version.

2. If you want to remove the limitation of the trial version, such as watermark. You need to converter your original file again via the full version.

3. If you already register the software, it asks you to register it again while you use it next time:

a. If there are many accounts on your Mac,you need to register the software under each account.

b. Try to perform Disc Utility to reset all permissions. Go to Finder/Applications/Utilities/DiscUtility and select Macintosh HD /Click Repair Disc Permission.