PS4.0 system update details release – UI refresh, menu changes, folders

Sony's latest software update to PS4.0 is now coming to beta users. It's truly good news for the guys who has been concerning about sharing the plays of the game on Twitter, but the 10-second video limit isn't enough to showcase their skills. That means you could lengthen the video playing time and then do some trimming by using Dimo Video Converter Ultimate before sharing.

PS4 video

Then, let's check out what the main features PS4.0 update

1. UI refresh-- Unlike the last user interface update for remote streaming to Macs and PCs, Sony focused on tweaking UI based on PS4.0 firmware to create folders to organize your games and apps, which become "more refined and easier to use".

PS4.0 UI refresh

2. Quick Menu - The quick menu now only covers a portion of the screen, and add the online status of friends, and shortcuts to quickly access Party, Favorite Groups, Communities, and more. Also customizes the Quick Menu, removing or adding items as fits. "making the process of sharing a screenshot or video a bit faster and more streamlined".

3. Share Menu - Also made to cover a portion of screen, hitting the share button will now bring up a streamlined menu that allows 140-second video uploads to Twitter instead of just 10-second uploads.

4. Folders and Library - Folders can now be created on the main menu and Library. The Library will also now only show games and apps currently installed on the system, with a new tab, Purchased, containing all uninstalled but owned content. New sorting options have also been added to the Library.

5. Trophies - add a new 'offline mode' option if system is unable to connect to the network, letting users view their entire Trophy collection without an Internet connection, while players can choose to reveal the name and text on a Hidden Trophy if they wish.

6. User Profile - PS4 4.00 changes the look of the User Profile in an attempt to make it easier to compare yourself with other players and see important information right away. And besides, bespoke background images can be added as personalisation.

Sony adds in its blog post about the update that these are only features being added for the beta, but we don't know when everyone will get them yet, and more will be added for the full release which would reveal in "the coming weeks".

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